Salesforce unveils Slack GPT, a new conversational AI platform for the popular messaging app.

Deborah Yao, Editor

May 4, 2023

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  • Salesforce unveils Slack GPT, a conversational AI platform that brings generative AI capabilities natively into Slack.
  • Slack GPT enables such capabilities as conversation summaries and help with writing.

Slack, Salesforce’s popular messaging app used by enterprises, is getting generative AI capabilities.

The CRM software giant today unveiled Slack GPT, a conversational AI platform that enables Slack users to integrate and automate ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude, among other third-party generative AI models, or build their own custom apps.

Slack GPT enables capabilities such as conversation summaries of messages and help with writing. Currently, users have to click to get a summary but soon summaries will be available automatically. With AI built natively into Slack’s message composer and ‘canvas,’ its white board feature, Slack GPT can help users rephrase and adjust the tone, among other writing help.

“Generative AI has enormous potential to redefine how work is done,” said Slack CEO Lidiane Jones, in a blog post. “The real power of Slack GPT is it enables AI to act on valuable data from a company’s most trusted resource: its own internal knowledge.”

Later this year, Slack’s new AI platform will let users add generative AI prompts to their workflow using its built-in no-code automation tool, Workflow Builder. For example, if the sales team gets an alert about a potential new customer, ChatGPT could draft a personalized prospecting email.

The company said Slack GPT works with Einstein GPT, a generative AI CRM application unveiled in March that can do such things as generate personalized emails for salespeople to send to potential customers or write responses for customer service agents to use when handling customer queries.

Einstein GPT is the next iteration of Salesforce’s AI model, Einstein, which provides clients with predictive analytics in its Customer 360 feature.

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