Intelligent Document Processing – The New Enterprise Technology Superpower?

Enter intelligent document processing (IDP), which uses machine learning to capture, classify and extract the most difficult to automate data: unstructured.

How AI Improves Talent Acquisition

More and more, talent acquisition is a rapidly evolving and high-stakes field that requires innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a major part of that.

Interpretable Automation Is The Future Of AI

In the AI space, the current period of growth could quickly come to a grinding halt without the engagement of a wider segment of business people, in both the design and use of new technology, with interpretable AI.

Four Essential Questions For Developing An Ethical AI Framework

As we look to establish ethical frameworks for AI, it is important to consider these four essential questions, argues Sanjay Srivastava of Genpact.

Versailles to AI: How Louis XIV Paved the Way for Europe’s...

by Thomas Fauvel PARIS - What if I told you that Louis XIV inadvertently...

The AI Revolution Will Not Be Locked-In

We’ve heard for years now that we’re on the cusp of the AI revolution. IBM Watson's Ritika Gunnar examines how this is playing out across industry.

Trends In The Adoption Of AI – Its Impacts On Business...

Whilst it is accepted that AI will transform certain areas of commerce more than others, AI is undoubtedly set to transform the economy. Here's four trends that will significantly impacts the future of business - and the economy as a whole.

Getting Work Training And Employment Right In The Age Of AI

Digitization, automation, and other technological trends could transform the workplace in unpredictable ways - here's how to get training and employment right in the era of AI.

Report: Transforming the Digital Customer Service Experience

50 percent of queries are being handled either in full or partially by automated workflows. That level of automation might seem shocking, but we strongly believe (and are betting heavily on the fact) that automation is an inevitability for the enterprise when it comes to the future of customer service. So how do you get started preparing your support organization for this future?

Report: How To Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service

This report highlights the importance of getting digital self-service capabilities right and helps customer service leaders understand the technology ecosystem necessary to power great self-service.

When Machines And People Work In Perfect Harmony

Whether you term it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or just call it progress, our workplace is changing almost by the day - and so are people.

5 Barriers AI Is Lowering For The Physically And Developmentally Impaired

Though social and attitudinal barriers continue to create a disabling effect, here are five areas where new tech and AI is bringing barriers down.

Putting Ethics At The Heart Of AI

While it’s advisable for each organisation to agree its own code of AI ethics, it’s useful to have a set of core principles to work from.

AI Bias Isn’t A Data Issue – It’s A Diversity Issue

Diversity in AI is a culture issue—not a technology issue. We interviewed Payal Jain, Chair of Women in Data and MD at JCURV, to investigate why.

Could AI Be The Most Effective Cybersecurity Solution?

To gain a better understanding of where AI for cybersecurity is today, we sat down with Dave Palmer, Director of Technology at Darktrace.

From Tapping To Talking: Three Bumps In The Road

We’re tired of scrolling, sorting and reviewing. We’re ready for an army of intelligent servants to do our bidding - and to start talking to AI.