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Is artificial intelligence the key to unlocking innovation in your law firm?

Legal technology expert Greg Wildisen looks at AI’s impact on the legal sector The recent media frenzy about artificial intelligence (AI) has been unavoidable. This vision has perhaps come a…
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Using Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Customer Services for Train Operating Companies

Train Operating companies and the rail industry in general are never far away from headline news, partially due to a growing reliance of the public on trains for commuting and…
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AdDaptive Intelligence Launches As The First Company to Bring Adaptive Intelligence to the Ad Tech Industry

Boston-based AdDaptive Intelligence (formerly DataPoint Media), the adaptive intelligence ad tech company, announces today that it is the first to bring adaptive intelligence technology to the ad tech industry. Adaptive…
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Gmail Wants To Reply To Your Emails For You With Artificial Intelligence

While we’re committed to a future serving as underlings to artificially intelligent lifeforms, we might as well enjoy some of the time-saving benefits, right? Like answering emails on the go…
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6 Ways Google’s Artificial Intelligence Could Impact Search Engine Marketing

Google is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand search queries, so what implications will machine learning have for marketing?
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