Ex-Evernote CEO Phil Libin has left his role as managing director at General Catalyst to form All Turtles, an AI startup incubator, referred to as a ‘startup studio’, to help create the AI businesses of the future.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of 2017’s most used buzzwords. Not only is the mainstream media claiming that it’ll take all of our jobs, but there are also AI startups creating new and innovative new technology through deep learning, machine learning, NLP, computer vision…

These startups are helping to shape the world of tomorrow, and they have gone a long way in proving that the hype around AI is very much justified. There’s now a new organisation looking to harness the AI startups of the future, All Turtles, which will be headed up by Phil Libin.

Libin was previously the managing director of General Catalyst, yet he decided to leave that role to work on All Turtles. He’ll still be kept on in an advisory capacity at General Catalyst, yet most of his time and effort will be devoted to his new venture. In an interview with TechCrunch, Libin described it as a “startup studio”, which has more in common with the way Netflix curates original content than the way 500 Startups operates.

That means that instead of simply pooling as many AI startups together as they can and hope for the best, All Turtles wants to create their own AI-based companies from the ground up, much like the way Netflix creates original content. They would then proceed to help them grow into profitable businesses. It’s an interesting way to run an incubator and will hopefully yield innovative and fresh startups, developing groundbreaking AI.

All Turtles already has 10 startups joining its ranks, several of which were backed by Libin when he was working for General Catalyst. These AI startups include:  ButterGrowbotEdwin, Replika, DoNotPayLeade.rsOctane AI and Sunflower Labs.

“Phil’s an incredible product guy and we’re excited to back him at All Turtles where he can focus on bringing awesome AI-driven products to market,” a spokesperson from General Catalyst told TechCrunch. “Phil will continue on with General Catalyst as a senior advisor and will continue to work with many of the young bot companies he funded as an investor here.”

“The world is suffering from inequality and wasted potential. Many of our friends believe that entrepreneurship is a big part of the answer, but it’s clear that the Silicon Valley method just isn’t enough. There are too few people in too few places getting to work on far too few types of problems. Luckily, now’s a perfect time to make some improvements. That’s why we’re starting All Turtles, an AI startup studio, to make the next generation of products in a new way,” wrote Libin on a blog post on his LinkedIn page.