RAGE Frameworks Inc. is a leader in knowledge-based automation technology and services providing AI for the Enterprise, and AIBusiness recently caught up with their Head of Marketing and Corporate Development, Joy Dasgupta, to hear about what they are doing in the AI-sphere. Their mission is to enable unconstrained Business Transformation by bringing unprecedented Speed, Flexibility and Insight to solve mission critical enterprise business problems.

Joy Dasgupta heads up Marketing and Corporate img_0293Development and in this role he is responsible for RAGE’s go-to-market strategy and execution. He is also responsible for establishing channel relationships to take Rage solutions and products into new markets as well as provide implementation and support services.

AIBusiness asked Dasgupta to outline their key proposition of Rage Frameworks in enabling an AI-powered business?

“We provide Automation through AI for the Enterprise, and our mission is to bring the power of AI and unprecedented Speed, Flexibility and insight to solve enterprise business problems”, Dasgupta says.

“Our platform and products address widespread and chronic issues in AI of language, dimensionality, context, reasoning visibility and variability, making our AI applications practical, quick to train and easy to deploy to solve real Enterprise business problems”.

“Using our patented, no-code, deep learning RAGE-AI platform we model business needs without programming to achieve dramatic speed and flexibility”, Dasgupta says. He explains how Rage Frameworks’ solutions are currently being used by some of the largest banks, consulting companies, high-tech firms, logistics and consumer product firms globally, which is showing the growth of the company on a global scale.

When asked to outline a couple of key enterprise use cases for RAGE Frameworks’ products and solutions, Dasgupta shows us a graphic image to outline how their RAGE AI Intelligent Machines and Frameworks work.

Rage Frameworks have built no less than 18 Intelligent Machines, Dasgupta tells us, several of which are industry firsts. The graphic below outlines their intelligent machines and frameworks. In centre, you can see all of Rage Framework’s engines, and the outer section shows the potential of the wide range of business applications that can be improved by applying the software.


As we are approaching the new year very soon, AIBusiness was eager to hear more about RAGE’s enterprise strategy in the short-and long-term. 

“Are there any particular industry verticals you are focusing on for your solutions going forward, or any particular applications on the horizon?”

“Our initial focus was on Financial Services”, Dasgupta begins. “With a strongly established base there we have now branched out into CPG, Insurance, High Tech, and Consulting Industries”. He mentions how their channel partners are now building new solutions on RAGE-AI for additional industries as well.

“Our focus now  is to enable Enterprise Automation through AI, in any industry, either through our Intelligent Machines that apply across industries, like Supplier Risk Monitoring, or custom one-off solutions, built in under 90 days and in a perpetually adaptive manner”.

We were also interested in learning what RAGE sees as the major challenges in applying AI in the Enterprise, and Dasgupta narrowed it down to three main challenges that AI technologies have to overcome in order to be successful in the non-vision world of business processes running an Enterprise. 

“First, we have language”, Dasgupta says, “and what follows after is context  and  reasoning”. “Today’s  AI  technologies  struggle  to  process  language  as  humans  do”, Dasgupta explains. “This  is  because  the  large  majority of  the   current  implementations  approach  text  as  data  and  not  as  language. They  apply  the   same  techniques  that  worked  on  spatial  data  even  with  text”.

“The  second  challenge  has   to  do  with  understanding context. Context  is  related  to  the  language  challenge  but  is   sufficiently  significant  that  it should be called out separately”, Dasgupta says. “As  the  natural   language  text  is  processed,  it  needs  to  be  done  in  the  right  context. The  right  context   can  only  be  developed  if  the technology  focuses  on  the  language  structure  not  just  on   the  words  in  the  text  as  most  current  technologies  seem  to  be  doing”.

“A  third  challenge  is  the  traceability  of  reasoning  deployed  by  the  solution  to  reach  its  conclusion. Our approach has been focused on solving precisely these challenges”, Dasgupta explains.

AIBusiness wanted to know what makes RAGE ‘stand out from the crowd’, so we asked: ‘What makes your approach to AI in the Enterprise unique’?

“The patented RAGE-AI platform comes with 20 engines that enable the rapid design and deployment of Automation and Analytics solutions, with integrated AI and machine learning”, Dasgupta replies.

“Using RAGE-AI you can rapidly assemble an Intelligent Machine that can process structured, semi-structured [e.g. contracts] or unstructured [e.g. news articles] content and wrap a full industrial strength application around it, all in the same modeling platform, and fit it in easily within pre-existing IT environments within an Enterprise.   And you can accomplish this in under 90 days”.

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