AI For Good: Addressing Bias, Ethics, Trust, And Social Responsibility With KPMG

AI For Good: Addressing Bias, Ethics, Trust, And Social Responsibility With KPMG

Ciarán Daly

March 22, 2019

1 Min Read

NEW YORK - As the adoption of AI grows across businesses and industry, the real-world applications of this nascent technology are proliferating by the day. But while AI is already solving some of the world's most difficult problems, its presence in the real world is generating fresh new challenges: from racial bias in machine vision datasets to unaccountable, 'black box' decisionmaking. Consequently, the ethics around AI is now at the front and center of any organisation's efforts to implement these technologies.

Todd Lohr is the Intelligent Automation Practice Leader for KPMG LLP. In this keynote at The AI Summit New York, Todd outlines his vision for what he calls AI for good; exploring how technologists can approach the use of AI, putting forth a framework for the ethical use of AI, and how business leaders can use AI to further human civilisation for the better.

With flagship shows in San Francisco, London, New York, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cape Town, 2019 will see over 30,000 delegates from businesses globally joining the AI revolution through The AI Summit events.

The AI Summit series uniquely has the support of tech’s elite, with our 2018 Industry Partners featuring AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Google, HCL, PwC, Publicis Sapient, Genpact, Intel alongside 300+ sponsors and partners. Exclusive, inspirational insights from acclaimed speakers are frequently reported by the world’s foremost press including official media partners CBS, Reuters, BBC, The Times, Quartz, Tech Radar.

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