Cloud CRM giant Salesforce is to acquire data centre management and analytics startup Coolan, in a purchase revealed by its co-founder Amir Michael, who has previously worked at Google and Facebook.

During his time at Facebook Michael led the development of the Open Compute Framework, and then took this expertise to Coolan.

Coolan provides “data-driven insights on use rates, outages and performance trends” to data centre managers.

The company specialises in helping organisations accurately measure and manage their infrastructure, providing insight into performance and predicting expected failures and downtime.

“Powered by machine learning, our platform analyses the collective event data from our customer base, and we present data-driven insights on use rates, outages and performance trends to improve the efficiency of your current IT deployment and lower operating expenditures,” the firm’s website states.

This no doubt appeared attractive to Salesforce as the company continues to scale its infrastructure to cope with growth. Michael explained in a blog post that he is sure that Coolan’s capabilities will help with this push.

“Building a startup is an awesome journey, and I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done,” he said.

“Once the transaction has closed, the Coolan team will help Salesforce optimise its infrastructure as it scales to support customer growth around the world. I will continue my work with the Open Compute Project to further its mission of making hardware open, efficient and scalable.”

Salesforce has not commented on the deal but will anticipate better insight into its systems to avoid outages like the one that blighted its platform in March.


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