SDL launches AI-powered content analysis tool

Content Assistant can read long texts, so you don’t have to

by Max Smolaks 3 September 2019

British machine translation and content management specialist SDL has launched an online tool capable of analyzing complex or lengthy documents to create easy-to-read summaries.

SDL Content Assistant is being positioned as a time-saver for busy marketing and advertising professionals; journalists can breathe easy, at least for now.

Users can upload up to 20 documents or links – for example, analyst reports or product documentation – and receive summaries or extracts based on their specific requirements. They can select the length and depth of the summary required, specify key words and topics of interest. The platform can also focus on extracting statistics.

SDL says its Content Assistant can help with generating “snackable” content for social media platforms, and can even suggest relevant hashtags.

The platform is powered by SDL’s Linguistic AI engine. The company has been building AI-powered translation tools for more than 15 years, but this is its first foray into using algorithms for content creation and repurposing.

Among other things, Content Assistant can check if the source material is suitable for machine translation and translate the resulting snippets of text automatically.

“SDL Content Assistant has been built with marketers in mind. It is highly intuitive and will make a real difference to anyone with requirements to create content derivatives quickly from longer or more complex documents,” said Jim Saunders, chief product officer of SDL.

“It was particularly interesting to see how the AI technology found content from my content, and then laid it all out for me,” added Val Swisher, CEO of global content strategy company Content Rules.