Something for the weekend: First AI whisky

Rest assured, the recipe was approved by a human

by Max Smolaks 30 August 2019

Swedish distillery Mackmyra is about to launch the world’s first whisky created using artificial intelligence.

The tipple, called Intelligens, was distilled in partnership with the Finnish technology company Fourkind, using cognitive computing tools available as part of the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

To create Intelligens, the algorithms analyzed 75 existing whisky recipes, along with customer feedback, reviews, ratings and medals. To avoid a costly flavor disaster, the process was overseen by the company’s master blender Angela D’Orazio.

Mackmyra said the unusual single malt tastes of vanilla, oak tones, citrus and pear.

“It’s very exciting that our whisky created using AI is now finally available for purchase. There is huge interest in it, and it will be interesting to hear what both whisky drinkers and technology fans think about the taste,” D’Orazio said.

She previously noted that AI will not be able to replace a master blender – but it could help automate the most time-consuming part of their work.

Intelligens will be available to buy online from 3 September, with the retail price set at £59.90 ($73). There are a total of 5,000 bottles in the first batch.