Choi Deung-Jin, Professor of Computer Ccience and Cngineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology is one of many academics following in the line of those praising the development of AI.

Deung-Jin deems artificial intelligence as indispensable in future industries, saying that machine learning and deep learning will be the “ultimate solution” for the sector, Yonhap News Agency writes.

The thoughts around AI was expressed during a seminar hosted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday.

Deung-Lin quoted John Langford, a leading machine learning research scientist. “Machine learning is shifting from an academic discipline to an industrial tool”.

Machine learning and deep learning are two different branches or artificial intelligence, yet deemed equally important by the academic. Whereas machine learning provides computers with the ability to learn without explicit programming, deep learning allows computers to match how a human brain creates patterns from data, and processes them.

According to the Deung-Jin, machine learning is not only essential for industries providing customer service, but equally the medical industry to assist doctors, and to develop driver-less vehicles.

“Machine learning is perhaps the hottest thing in Silicon Valley right now. Especially deep learning. The reason why it is so hot is because it can take over many repetitive, mindless tasks,” Choi said, quoting Sebastian Thrun, founder and president of Udacity.

“A company without machine learning cannot keep up with one that uses it” – Choi Deung-Jin


The South Korean government is now urging to nurture artificial intelligence along other areas with new growth engines. Statements from the government argue that the sector will raise the country’s competitiveness, “amid growing calls that South Korea should revamp its R&D strategy to catch up with other global powerhouses in the field”, Yonhap News agency writes.

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