AI Business recently caught up with Seng Sun’s company, SunView Software, who is bringing practical AI to IT. Sunview’s platform ChangeGear offers three powerful service management products designed to make your service management easy, flexible, intelligent and more people-centric.

Two weeks ago, SunView launched a Service Smart Technology addition to ChangeGear 7, one of the first ITSM platforms to use A.I. and predictive analytics to automate enterprise service management processes. GangeGear’s changes includes the following improvements:

  • Predicting Risk of an IT Change to Streamline Processing
  • Predicting Problems through Usage Patterns
  • Providing Contextually Related Solutions
  • Improving Workforce Management
  • Augmenting User Self-Service

AI Business wanted to know how this platform have been received by its users, and Sunview introduced us to their beta customer Terese Kath who is working in IT for the government in Lake County, IL. Kath gave us insight to how she predicts the platform will work in a government environment, and her thoughts around the impact of AI on her industry.

Kath predicts that ChangeGear 7 will be beneficial and helpful to them in a couple of ways. “Chief among them, the solution will provide consistency in incident-creation and streamline the entire process. It will also reduce restore times as information to resolve is at the techs’ fingertips”, she says.

How will Service Smart Technology change your approach to ITSM?

“Our next phase will be applying ChangeGear 7 to production. I’m hoping the technology will highlight the areas where we can focus and streamline a bit, such as knowledge base”, Kath says.

Do you believe Service Smart Technology creating a noticeable difference in time to resolution?

“I believe it will”, Kath replies. “We’re going to get our techs ready for day-to-day use. Then they’ll be able to use the Suggestion Center to easily view similar ticket resolutions, increasing response times and hopefully customer satisfaction”, she says.

Working with IT for the government in Lake County we were curious to know what her overall opinion was about applying AI and machine learning in an enterprise?

“A.I. and machine learning are the future. At some point the ticket will create itself while the tech is on the phone with the user, which will allow the tech to spend more time troubleshooting”.

What was the hardest part of selling the idea of using AI to run service requests in your organisation?

Kath explains how the implementing of AI ti run service requests has highlighted areas that still needed to be addressed internally in their own environment. She sees this as a good thing and is very positive about the use of AI in service requests internally in SunView.

Did anyone have reservations about using/trusting AI to handle requests? Have those reservations been addressed?

“Once we shore up our weaker areas (knowledge base, Sheriff tickets) I will not have reservations because the technology has shown that it is a reliable option to do the job” Kath said.

What would you say has been the most surprising thing about using AI in ITSM?

“In our experience, the accuracy has really surprised us”, Kath says. “From suggestions to predictive insights, the accuracy of the solution will help us see around corners and address issues before they arise”. This shows that this far there have been no negative “surprises” by applying AI in ITSM, and hopefully this impression will remain in the future.

As Kath explains that they still have not put the AI driven ITSM platform to practice in their government office, she explains that she will keep us posted about the progress, but seems overall positive and excited about putting it to practice.

Who has been the biggest advocate for AI in your organisation?

“Our entire team has been excited about implementing the technology”, Kath says. “As any IT executive knows, change is much easier when your team is excited about and supports the initiative. So this internal team support has been huge”.

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