Tag: AI Summit San Francisco

AI Summit: How to become a vice president at AWS

Sandy Carter shares notes on her journey from a “geek girl” to an executive at the world’s largest cloud company

AI Summit: Machine learning is being co-opted by cyber criminals

Justin Fier from Darktrace talks about the next big trend in cyber security AI algorithms can perform certain tasks...

AI Summit: Looking beyond Deep Learning with Zoubin Ghahramani, chief scientist...

Deep Learning caused a renaissance in AI research, but it’s running out of steam Machine learning is disrupting countless industries,...

AIconics Awards San Francisco 2019: Winners Announced

Celebrating the best in artificial intelligence by Max Smolaks 24 September 2019

AIconics Awards San Francisco 2019: Shortlist announced

These are the brightest minds and the most innovative companies in AI by Max Smolaks 16 September 2019

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