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AI Summit London: Unlocking the potential of AI for the enterprise

by AI Summit 17 September 2019 Sanjay Srivastava is Chief Digital Officer of Genpact. In this AI Summit keynote,...

AI Summit London: How American Airlines embraces AI and disruptive tech

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Learnings from AI Summit in Hong Kong

by Aastha Grover 4 September 2019 I was fortunate enough to attend the Artificial Intelligence International Business Summit held...

AI Beyond Borders: Leveraging chatbots to assist refugees

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Experts in AI: AI will transform marketing and kill business models....

by AI Business 21 August 2019 In this interview, Pierre Robinet, senior consulting partner at Ogilvy Consulting Asia and...

Singapore is quick to investigate, slow to deploy AI

There’s plenty of money earmarked in the corporate budgets by AI Business 20 August 2019

A gateway to business transformation: SAP at the AI Summit HK

Our interview with SAP at The AI Summit Hong Kong.

Entries Now Open For The AIconics San Francisco 2019

Entries for the world-renowned AIconics awards are now open for the 2019 San Francisco edition.

Experts in AI: Mapping the landscape in 2019 with Rema Algunaibet...

During The AI Summit London 2019, TechXLR8's own Tech TV team sat down with Rema Algunaibet, AI Developer for Saudi Aramco, to discuss the business AI landscape today, the challenges facing enterprises, and the steps ahead for industry.

AI Summit London: WIRED meets the UK Partnership on AI

LONDON - During The AI Summit London 2019, Terah Lyons, Founding Executive Director of the Partnership on AI, was joined onstage by...

AI Summit London: Maximising the AI opportunity effectively and ethically –...

During The AI Summit London 2019, Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President, EMEA at Facebook, outlined her vision for how enterprises can effectively and ethically maximize the AI opportunity ahead.

From E-Commerce To C-Commerce: Conversational AI In 2019

To better understand where conversational AI is today, we sat down with Andy Peart, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Artificial Solutions.

Does AI Hate Women? Female Role Models In Data And AI

One of the challenges of creating AI technology that works for all is the lack of women in the industry; 2.1 million people work in UK tech but only 17% of these are women.

Experts in AI: “What Are We Solving?” – AI In Art

During The AI Summit London 2019, TechXLR8's own Tech TV team sat down with Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, a multidisciplinary artist exploring the human values that shape design, science, technology, and nature.

Experts in AI: we’re still in the Wild West, with Anthony...

During The AI Summit London 2019, TechXLR8's own Tech TV team sat down with Anthony Impey, CEO of Optimy and a Board Member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to discuss the role AI has to play in the future of London's business landscape.

The AI Summit: Day Two Highlights

As we wrap up an incredible week, here's our highlights from the second - and final - day of The AI Summit.

The AI Summit: Day One Highlights

LONDON - The AI Summit London 2019 is the biggest show in the global conference series yet. Yesterday saw 25,000 people attend...

Transforming Tax With AI: Our Interview With EY

One area of financial services quietly undergoing a revolution in AI and automation is tax and accounting. To gain a better understanding of how AI is being used in tax today, we sat down with Charles Brayne and Harvey Lewis from EY.

Joining The Dots: Overcoming Business Problems With AI

“What we’re finding in enterprises today is largely a coming together of business and technology. They’re increasingly working on the same page.”

The Evolution Of The Connected Digital Worker

RPA is being enabled by the ever evolving ‘Digital Worker’, which will be far more intelligent, efficient and controllable than before.

Bringing AI To All: Insights From The First Year Of Agorai

Unlike the internet startup boom, transformative AI solutions are being built around the world, not just concentrated in Silicon Valley. Agorai CEO Josh Sutton outlines why.

AI in Healthcare: Make Your Organization AI Ready

There are two requirements for organizations to be successful in integrating AI into clinical workflows and research and development. Mike McNamara explains

AIconics Awards 2019: Full Shortlist Revealed

Now in their fourth edition, the 2019 AIconics Awards have seen a doubling of nominations for this year. Read on for the full shortlist.

SPONSORED: Squirro for Insurance Set To Transform The Sector

With our new suite of applications – Squirro for Insurance – we are enabling further change, delivering solutions to specific challenges in the industry and in doing so, transforming elements of insurance and InsurTech forever.

Digital Customer Service In The Age Of AI

To find out more about putting AI at the centre of digital customer service, we caught up with Abinash Tripathy, cofounder and CEO of Helpshift.

The AI Revolution Will Not Be Locked-In

We’ve heard for years now that we’re on the cusp of the AI revolution. IBM Watson's Ritika Gunnar examines how this is playing out across industry.

Report: Transforming the Digital Customer Service Experience

50 percent of queries are being handled either in full or partially by automated workflows. That level of automation might seem shocking, but we strongly believe (and are betting heavily on the fact) that automation is an inevitability for the enterprise when it comes to the future of customer service. So how do you get started preparing your support organization for this future?

The New Machine Learning Life Cycle: 5 Challenges for DevOps

Machine learning is fundamentally different from traditional software development applications and requires its own, unique process: the ML development life cycle.

‘AI: More Than Human’ Exhibit Opens In London

LONDON - Yesterday the Barbican opened its doors on the long-awaited exhibition, AI: More Than Human. Part...

When Machines And People Work In Perfect Harmony

Whether you term it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or just call it progress, our workplace is changing almost by the day - and so are people.

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