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Leveraging data in the fight against cancer

In yet another practical move showcasing AI’s potential to transform the healthcare industry, clinical diagnosis start-up Paige.AI has teamed up with data storage heavyweight Pure Storage to revolutionise cancer research and diagnosis.

Five AI Medical Clinics To Open Across UK In 2019

LONDON - Five new medical technology centres using AI to supercharge disease diagnosis will open across the United Kingdom next year, the government announced...

To Seek Is To Find: A New Approach To Intelligent Applications

Ayasdi is a Cherokee word - it means 'to seek'. It's an apt name, given what Ayasdi, winner of the AIconics Award for Best...

BenevolentAI’s AI Finds a Drug That Can Slow Down the Onset...

BenevolentAI's Artificial Intelligence has been used to discover a new drug that has had positive results in slowing down motor neuron disease.

The Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence

Here is Franz Inc's Jans Aasman Ph.D exclusive article for AI Business in which he explores the consumerization of Artificial Intelligence.

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