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[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Digital-First Customer Service

Digital transformation for customer service is here, and it is not going away anytime soon. If brands want to stay competitive in...

How to Modernize Digital Customer Self-service

Customers increasingly use self-service as the first point of contact with customer service organizations. Positive self-service experiences lead to more satisfied and...

Report: Transforming the Digital Customer Service Experience

50 percent of queries are being handled either in full or partially by automated workflows. That level of automation might seem shocking, but we strongly believe (and are betting heavily on the fact) that automation is an inevitability for the enterprise when it comes to the future of customer service. So how do you get started preparing your support organization for this future?

Report: How To Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service

This report highlights the importance of getting digital self-service capabilities right and helps customer service leaders understand the technology ecosystem necessary to power great self-service.

2019 Will See A ‘Gold Rush’ In Customer AI Adoption

SAN FRANCISCO - In the digital era, customer expectations are shifting fast. Companies are facing greater demand than ever before for fast, intuitive service...

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