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Google Sheets is Getting Smarter Through Machine Learning

Google Sheets has new machine learning tools which will enable people to better visualise their data and it can automatically build charts for you.

Google’s CEO Highlights the Importance of Automating AI

Google's CEO spoke of his excitement about having AI build AI, which he believes will bring on the next wave in the fourth industrial revolution.

Google’s Machine Learning Tech Now Blocks 99.9% of Spam

Google has announced that its machine learning algorithms can now block 99.9 percent of spam and phishing messages on Gmail.

AI Will Be Able To Beat Us At Everything By 2060

A survey of more than 350 Artificial Intelligence researchers has revealed that that AI will be able to beat we humans at everything by 2060.

DeepMind’s Future of Go Summit highlights AI’s big future in China

DeepMind's The Future of Go Summit in Wuzhen is proof of China's increased interest in Artificial Intelligence research and development.

Apple Working on an AI Chip That Will Revolutionise Their Next...

Apple is working on a new chip, referred to as the Apple Neural Engine, which will bring advanced AI processing capabilities to their next line of iPhones.

AI Will Make Our Jobs Less Mundane Says Cisco’s CTO Alison...

We secured an interview with Alison Vincent, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco at the IoT World Forum, to discuss how they are involved in the AI-space.

Cisco and Microsoft are Collaborating to Develop Hybrid IoT Solutions

At today's IoT World Forum, Cisco announced that they'll be collaborating with Microsoft to power intelligent actions exactly where and when it's needed.

1500+ Business Leaders Debate the Future of AI at 2017’s AI...

The AI Summit London delivered its market-leading buzz with a conference & exhibition attended by most of the world's leading corporate organisations.

The Biggest AI Announcements From Google I/O

At Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, the company showcased some of their new applications of AI and machine learning.

Google Brain is Creating Sounds We’ve Never Heard Before With AI

A team inside Google Brain has developed an AI algorithm, NSynth, which is capable of creating sounds never before heard by our ears.
AI Xprize

147 Teams Competing in IBM Watson’s AI Xprize

147 teams are competing in IBM Watson's AI Xprize, in which participants come up with bold solutions for humanity's biggest problems using AI.

AI has reached a critical tipping point

AI Business secured an exclusive interview with Synechron's Business Development Manager, Ben Musgrave, who outlined how they are using AI today.

Making AI Work For Your Industry

CognitiveScale's director, Sunil Aggarwal, shares his thoughts on how businesses can make artificial intelligence (AI) work in their respective industries.

Bitfusion Secures $5M For its New AI Platform Bitfusion Flex

Bitfusion has raised $5 million in funding, which will go towards the development of its new AI platform, Bitfusion Flex.

Skim Technologies is Helping Businesses Cut Through the Noise With AI

We secured an interview with the Co-Founder & COO at Skim Technologies, Jack Hampson, in which we discussed how their AI was being used by businesses.

How Is Salesforce Making Their AI Accessible Across All Industry?

AI Business secured an exclusive interview with Jim Sinai, VP Product Marketing, Einstein at Salesforce, in which we discussed how they were deploying AI.

Rainbird’s Chairman On the Benefits of an Easy to Use AI...

We recently secured an exclusive interview with Rainbird Chairman, James Duez, to learn how they are currently deploying AI in their business.

The Japan Patent Office Deploying AI to Screen Patent Application

Japan is looking into applying artificial intelligence technology to automate processes such as screening patent, trademark and design applications.

How Can Machine Learning Help You Find New Podcasts?

Acast's Johan Billgren and Caitlin Thompson have detailed how their recommendation engine, powered by machine learning, will help you to find new podcasts.

Applying Machine Learning to Forestry Research

The satellite imaging company, Planet, is hosting a competition on the Kaggle platform with the specific aim to apply machine learning to forestry research.
big data

Big Data is the Soil on Which AI Can Grow Says...

We recently secured an exclusive interview with Siemens’ Michael May, to learn how the technology company are currently deploying AI in their business.

Facebook’s Caffe2 tool brings AI directly to mobile devices

Facebook has released Caffe2, which is an open-source platform that will enable to bring AI directly to our smartphones and tablets. Having artificial intelligence on...

Autodesk wants to improve customer service using stronger AI

We spoke to Gregg Spratto, who's the VP Operations over at Autodesk, and we discussed how they are currently implementing AI into their business...

How is AI Changing the Aviation Industry?

We recently secured an interview with Tomas Sanchez Lopez, Head of Data Analysis and Interaction at Airbus, aiming to understand how they are currently implementing artificial...

Google’s AutoDraw AI Can Turn Your Bad Sketches Into Works of...

Google has developed a new AI called AutoDraw which can turn your awful sketches into veritable works of art of your phone, tablet, PC and...

AI Talent in Asia Will Exceed That in the US by...

According to UBS' Global IT Analyst, Sundeep Gantori, Asia will have more AI talent than the US by 2025. When it comes to AI talent and...

How is Dynamic Yield Using AI to Change the Marketing Game?

We spoke to Omri Mendellevich, CTO, Dynamic Yield, who offered us insight into how they are currently using AI and how the new technology will enable...

Canadian Government is Spending Money to Keep Their AI Experts in...

The Canadian government has pledged even more money into AI research in an attempt to convince their AI talents to stay in the country, and...

Box CEO Aaron Levie Says People Should Concentrate on the Jobs...

CEO and co-founder of enterprise cloud company Box, Adam Levie, says that people should think about the jobs that AI will create, not necessarily the...

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