Tag: Python

TensorFlow 2.0 is ready for prime time

The latest version of the software brings better APIs, more intuitive Python programming by Max Smolaks 8 October 2019

Practical Machine Learning with Python and Keras

by Daniel Pyrathon, Kite 2 October 2019 Table of Contents What is machine learning,...

TensorFlow or PyTorch? A guide to Python machine learning libraries

by Kite 26 September 2019 Python is the fastest-growing programming language out there. That isn’t surprising given that it’s...

Ten essential data science packages for Python

by TJ Simmons, Kite 20 September 2019 Interest in data science has risen remarkably in the last five years....

Image segmentation with Python

A guide to analyzing visual data with machine learning by Pranathi V. N. Vemuri 4 September 2019

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks in Python

by Padmaja Bhagwat 28 August 2019 The Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an attempt at modeling the information processing...

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