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A gateway to business transformation: SAP at the AI Summit HK

Our interview with SAP at The AI Summit Hong Kong.

Transforming Tax With AI: Our Interview With EY

One area of financial services quietly undergoing a revolution in AI and automation is tax and accounting. To gain a better understanding of how AI is being used in tax today, we sat down with Charles Brayne and Harvey Lewis from EY.

Joining The Dots: Overcoming Business Problems With AI

“What we’re finding in enterprises today is largely a coming together of business and technology. They’re increasingly working on the same page.”

The Evolution Of The Connected Digital Worker

RPA is being enabled by the ever evolving ‘Digital Worker’, which will be far more intelligent, efficient and controllable than before.

It’s Time To Put Human Beings – Not Profit – At...

With the AI, tech is now coming of age, and we must now seize the reins and regain control over technology - putting people ahead of profit

AI in Healthcare: Make Your Organization AI Ready

There are two requirements for organizations to be successful in integrating AI into clinical workflows and research and development. Mike McNamara explains

Digital Customer Service In The Age Of AI

To find out more about putting AI at the centre of digital customer service, we caught up with Abinash Tripathy, cofounder and CEO of Helpshift.

Intelligent Document Processing – The New Enterprise Technology Superpower?

Enter intelligent document processing (IDP), which uses machine learning to capture, classify and extract the most difficult to automate data: unstructured.

How AI improves talent acquisition

More and more, talent acquisition is a rapidly evolving and high-stakes field that requires innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a major part of that.

Four Essential Questions For Developing An Ethical AI Framework

As we look to establish ethical frameworks for AI, it is important to consider these four essential questions, argues Sanjay Srivastava of Genpact.

Versailles to AI: How Louis XIV Paved the Way for Europe’s...

by Thomas Fauvel PARIS - What if I told you that Louis XIV inadvertently...

How To Use AI Responsibly

"It’s important that we have an ethical approach to AI and use it responsibly. It must be bias-free, accountable, transparent, and protect the data it owns"

The AI Revolution Will Not Be Locked-In

We’ve heard for years now that we’re on the cusp of the AI revolution. IBM Watson's Ritika Gunnar examines how this is playing out across industry.

The New Machine Learning Life Cycle: 5 Challenges for DevOps

Machine learning is fundamentally different from traditional software development applications and requires its own, unique process: the ML development life cycle.

How To Reskill Your Employees For The AI Era

by Sarah Tierney LONDON - Implementing AI is a journey for your organisation. Not...

Putting Ethics At The Heart Of AI

While it’s advisable for each organisation to agree its own code of AI ethics, it’s useful to have a set of core principles to work from.

How To Get Started With AI

by Sarah Tierney LONDON - AI is quickly becoming an important part of our...

Could AI be the most effective cyber security solution?

To gain a better understanding of where AI for cybersecurity is today, we sat down with Dave Palmer, Director of Technology at Darktrace.

Addressing The Roadblocks To Omnichannel Communication

Brands are under pressure to take multichannel strategy one step further to introduce omnichannel capabilities. AI can help - here's how.

Appen Announces Technology Integration With Recently Acquired Figure Eight

SYDNEY - Companies and governments worldwide can now accelerate their AI and machine learning programs with large volumes of high-quality training data,...

How To Build, Train, Test, And Deploy A Machine Learning Model

by Rahul Parundekar SAN FRANCISCO - Building a machine learning (ML) model is exciting....

Tips For Avoiding Bias in AI

To avoid bias in AI, it’s best to start by defining the decision you’re asking your model to solve. Figure Eight's VP of Product explores bias in AI.

Canada’s very real advantage in artificial intelligence

Canada is ideally situated to be a leader because its national culture and neutral politics have attracted world-class researchers in AI, they argue.

Content IQ For Every Level Of An Organization’s Need

Enterprise organizations continue to push the boundaries in search of technologies that can understand and liberate meaning from unstructured content

Artificial Solutions Launches C-Suite Grade Conversational AI

BARCELONA - Artificial Solutions, a specialist in enterprise-grade conversational AI, today announced the launch of Teneo Fusion - the latest version of...

Context-Ready Algorithms Are Critical For Ethical AI

by James Bell NEW YORK - Imagine the scenario: a driverless car is in...

Building Sustainable AML Practices With Intelligent Automation

by Kyle Hoback and James Lawson LONDON - Money laundering is an ongoing challenge for banks and...

Building AI Datasets For Southeast Asia

by Isaac Tan "The things that make southeast Asia unique to tourists and visitors...

Building Accessible AI – Infosys Interview

NEW YORK - Right now, enterprises are facing one significant challenge: getting their employees to grips with the vast range of sophisticated artificial intelligence...

Building the AI marketplace

NEW YORK - With data science talent in greater demand than ever before, businesses are facing a shortage of the talent, tools, and technology...

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