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Experts in AI: Using machine learning to speed up mortgage deals

Dominic Fahey from States Title explains the benefits of automation in the real estate market 21 January 2020

The US hits major Chinese AI companies with export controls

As the White House, engaged in a long-running trade war with China, runs out of things to tax by...

Top cities for AI in North America

by Deeana Radley, Technology Evaluation Centers 3 october 2019 Collecting and analyzing data is useful to...

Lexion signs dotted line with seed investors

by Ken Wieland 22 July 2019 LONDON -- US-based Lexion, which...

Musk parades ‘hair-brained’ scheme for human interaction with AI

Start-up Neuralink, backed by Elon Musk, develops ‘threads’ that can connect human brains to computers.

AI ‘efficiencies’ not a euphemism for job cuts

AI Business speaks to Gartner specialist about how organisations judge the success of AI projects

AI puts on poker face to beat world champs

AI experts hail breakthrough as bot beats humans over 10,000 hands of six-player poker.

Leveraging data in the fight against cancer

In yet another practical move showcasing AI’s potential to transform the healthcare industry, clinical diagnosis start-up Paige.AI has teamed up with data storage heavyweight Pure Storage to revolutionise cancer research and diagnosis.

US Senate Introduces $2.2bn AI Initiative Act

A new bipartisan bill in the US Senate aims to deliver $2 billion in federal spending and a number of policy initiatives as part of a new government strategy for AI technology.

Trump to launch ‘American AI Initiative’

WASHINGTON, DC - Following the lead of China and the UK, President Trump will today launch the so-called 'American AI Initiative' in a major step forward...

USA & China emerge as world leaders in AI

China and the USA are leading in the global race to cultivate AI talent and technologies, a new study by the UN World Intellectual...

Boeing’s Autonomous Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight

VIRGINIA - Boeing successfully completed the first test flight of its autonomous passenger air vehicle (PAV) prototype yesterday in Manassas, Virginia, in a giant...

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