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IBM and Verizon collaborate on 5G, AI-based enterprise solutions

By Chuck Martin

First stop: AI for supply chains and industrial organizations

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Verizon pilots Google’s Contact Center AI for better customer service

By Rachel England

The software uses natural language recognition to free up human agents

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Qualcomm combines AI, 5G, and robotics in RB5 silicon platform

By Louis Stone

Needs blockchain and quantum to win buzzword bingo

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This intelligent camera can identify COVID sufferers in public

By Nick Booth

D-Link offers high-tech surveillance tools for the masses

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AI Business Podcast | Episode 3: The benefits of a trade war

By Max Smolaks

“The world seems crazy right now, but don’t worry, it’s always been crazy”

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Juniper pitches AI-based Wi-Fi for contact tracing in the office

By Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

Suggests that workplaces can be made safer by using smart networking in combination with badges, apps and notification systems

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The symbiotic relationship between 5G and AI

By Steve McCaskill

What can AI systems do for 5G deployments? And how is 5G returning the favor?

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5G will be the catalyst for AIoT in the post-COVID world

By AI Business

In a post-COVID world, two nascent technologies are set to become the driving forces behind the next technological revolution: 5G and AIoT

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Xilinx announces FPGA for machine learning in space

By Sebastian Moss

Helping satellites get smarter, faster

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Sony AI and avatarin sign agreement for remote-controlled robot development

By Sebastian Moss

When fully autonomous systems are too expensive or difficult

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Mist and partners teach Wi-Fi to understand its environment

By Max Smolaks
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Juniper is increasing its use of AI as it dreams of a self-driving network

By Max Smolaks
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InterDigital releases AI-based video compression codec tool


Available on GitHub under Apache 2.0 license


MLOps startup Verta gets $10m in funding, launches first product


The company plans to commercialize open source ModelDB project, developed by CEO Manasi Vartak

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