Over the past few months, there has been an immense competition in the field of artificial intelligence. Business Finance News explains few of the organizations which have recently adopted the feature, benefitting at their fullest. Those companies are Apple, Facebook, QUALCOMM, and IBM.

The AI arms race of tech's heavyweights continues


Apple Inc
Siri works as a knowledge navigator and personal assistant. Its uses an interface of natural language to perform action, answer questions, and make recommendations. The system offers interaction with various applications, such as weather, reminders, web browser, notes, and email. It can begin a music application, displaying the previous plays once the handsfree is plugged in. Fascinatingly, the function also detects when the person enters a car and offers the related services.

Facebook Inc
With the help of artificial intelligence, Facebook has managed to create its virtual assistant called “Facebook M”. The assistant can do everything, from calling organizations, ordering tickers, or organizing birthday parties. M is supervised and trained by team of service providers, who will superintend complex requests, till “M” becomes more intelligent.
Consumers and authorities are concerned about privacy on social media. Facebook team is testing a procedure, through which it recognizes photographs of people, even though they are not looking towards the camera. This technology identifies people by evaluating their photographs and search for similarities, for example, person’s dressing, hairstyle, posture, and even body shape.

It is reported by QUALCOMM that its upcoming cellphone chips would prevent viruses by using artificial intelligence. The chipmaker informed that the forthcoming processor, Snapdragon 820 would be one of its kind, integrating machine learning to expose threats and privacy issues.

Most algorithms are controlled by large servers. Nonetheless, Snapdragon 820 would be only the device that runs on battery. Furthermore, Qualcomm has started to work with various software providers so that the latest chip can learn and handle present threats. The artificial intelligence is used to split dangerous and normal applications.

Recently, IBM has announced that it’s testing a way to assuage the air pollution in China with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Beijing is known as one of the most polluted cities of the world. Many cities in China are encircled by factories. It would be difficult to even dream that a city like Beijing to be eradicated from pollution. IBM has taken the responsibility to make it possible. The big blue is obtaining the help of artificial intelligence to detect toxicities and harmful agents three days back.

The researchers at IBM are testing a system that would be talented of learning to forecast ruthlessness of air pollution in various areas of the city. The system would ultimately offer certain recommendations on how to lessen pollution to satisfactory levels.

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