Google, IBM, Facebook and Microsoft have teamed up to create a non-profit organisation dedicated to address the concerns raised among politicians, regulators and society, concerning the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, law enforcement and healthcare.

The Financial Times writes that the purpose of the organisation is to establish how artificial intelligence and machines can be used in a beneficial manner, while controlling its potential risks. The project is titled the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, promising to implement research addressing anything from ethical issues to how to make the technology more understandable for the public.

Addressing a concern raised by many regarding the fear of our lives being controlled by robots, the FT enhances the positive impact of implementing AI, such as more precise health diagnostics and predictive regulating. However, it does not eliminate the concern that large parts of human labour will eventually become replaced by artificial intelligence, hence the urgency to respond to the concerns raised by the public.

The potential issue is the worry that the entity most equipped to regulate the direction of development is also an industry body, as tech companies have a more thorough understanding of the scope of AI than any other organisation. However, this raises the concern of bias and also calls for the need for external interference from government policies to ensure that both sides are heard.

There appears to be a question about whether or not the public believes that the tech industry is willing to cooperate with policymakers to ensure that all interests are met, not only their own. However, previous examples have shown that it is possible to build a bridge between technology and government, and it has been reached with the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embroyology Authority and their cooperation regarding ethical dilemmas.

Bridging gaps like this is essential for the future and the benefits of what technology provides our society with are too essential to be restricted by politicians, hence why a well-functioning relationship between the technology-industry and the government is essential.

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