Adobe Sensei's AI to Make Your Selfies Look Better

Adobe Sensei's AI to Make Your Selfies Look Better

Ed Lauder

April 7, 2017

2 Min Read

Sensei, the artificial intelligence branch of Adobe, is looking into using the new technology to make your selfies look more flattering.

How can you take the perfect selfie? That is the question that many millennials have been asking themselves for a while. However, Adobe thinks they might have found a way to help your Instagram feed look more impressive by tapping into the power of AI and machine learning to change the future of selfie photography. Once you take a picture of yourself, you can then use Adobe's AI software, Adobe Sensei, to edit your image, as they put it in the advert, "like a pro".

Adobe released a trailer on YouTube in which a man takes a selfie and then proceeds to alter it through the power of AI on his smartphone. You can basically alter everything: the distance at which the photo was taken, the angle of your face, you can even add depth of field to the image's background. Apple's new iPhones can do something similar using AI, but Adobe's platform lets you alter your selfies even further.

The last feature mentioned in the video - the ability to browse the web and replicate the style of any photograph you come across and apply it to your own photo - was detailed extensively in a research paper, entitled 'Deep Photo Style Transfer'. It was written by researchers from Adobe and Cornell University, and they claimed that this was far more complex than just applying a filter, like you do on Instagram. They actually used open source code, which you can download directly from GitHub.

Adobe is really pushing their move in the AI-space through Adobe Sensei, and this is but a slither of what you can expect from the company. Adobe is already bringing AI to web design, and they plan to do a whole lot more with the new and exciting technology in the future.

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