Death to the spreadsheet

Max Smolaks

January 8, 2021

Death to the spreadsheet

Welcome to another episode of the AI Business podcast, sponsored by global professional services firm Genpact.

This week, we will look at the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize financial planning and analysis (FP&A) - the budgeting, forecasting and analytical processes that support an organization's financial health and business strategy.

How do we modernize these processes, and finally move the industry away from using spreadsheets?

Guiding us on this journey is Amaresh Tripathy – senior vice president and Analytics Business Leader at Genpact, and expert on data science for enterprise applications.

We talk about specific tasks that can be accelerated with AI, where to find the relevant skills, and cover the first steps to take towards adopting machine learning in the finance department.

AI Business · AI Business Podcast 14: Using AI for financial planning and analysis

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