AI-Powered Smart Lights Unveiled at CES 2023

Govee lights change dynamically with the movie or game you’re enjoying

Ben Wodecki

January 5, 2023

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Smart lighting company Govee unveiled AI-powered lights capable of creating immersive lighting environments at home at CES 2023.

The company debuted the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, an AI smart lighting technology that can identify key on-screen moments and change lighting effects in real time.

The kit can be synced for use in watching TV or playing video games. The HDMI-based solution has a 240 hertz refresh rate and real-time content-reactive syncing – meaning it can change pretty fast – with delays of less than 16 milliseconds.

According to Govee, the product offers more than 30 customized game lighting effects, “emphasizing every highlight moment in the game.” 

The device will be Matter certified, the smart product standard set by the Connectivity Standard Alliance. The integration will start with the Govee LED Strip Light M1 launching in 2023, with additional products planned to launch shortly.

Looking ahead, Govee said it will incorporate its AI technology into its existing line of high-end lighting products.

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