AI startup roundup: Amazon backs robotics startup, AI for skincare, and AVs

Also, where SoftBank, Nvidia, Intel, HPE and Mastercard are investing

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

May 2, 2022

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Also, where SoftBank, Nvidia, Intel, HPE and Mastercard are investing

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Funding blitz

Startup: Agility Robotics – robotics developer that is designing robots that work alongside humans in logistics and warehouse-related environments

Latest funding: $150 million, series B

Lead investors: DCVC, Playground Global

Other investors: Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, MFV Partners, ITIC, Robotics Hub, Safar Partners, TDK Ventures

Funding plans: The company plans to put the funds towards further R&D and accelerate production plans


Startup: OnTime - Chinese ride-hailing firm working on autonomous vehicles

Latest funding: $153 million, series A

Lead investors: Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC)

Notable investors: WeRide and - two of China’s biggest autonomous vehicle developers

Other investors: SPARX, Pilgrim Partners Asia, Guangzhou Industrial Investment, Capital Operation, Lingnan Commerce and Trade Tourism, Guangzhou Industrial Control

Funding plans: The ride-hailing firm will use the funds to build out a fleet of robotaxis that will be tested later in the year.


Startup: Eurora Solutions - Estonia-based firm behind an AI-powered cross-border e-commerce compliance platform

Latest funding: $40 million, series A

Lead investors: Connected Capital

Other investors: Change Ventures, Equity United

Funding plans: Eurora will use the cash to expand across the U.K., the U.S. and the Middle East as well as for product development and potential acquisitions.


Figure 2: 3596.jpg Image credit: Revea

Startup: Revea - precision skincare company.

Latest funding: $6 million, seed funding II

Lead investors: Alpha Edison

Other investors: Ulta Beauty, WaldenCast Ventures, GISEV, Verlinvest, Kathaka, and Stanford co-chair Musculoskeletal Imaging

Funding plans: Funds will be used to launch the Revea Mobile Experience that is currently in beta to bring diagnostic capabilities to consumers’ smartphones and expand Revea’s on-demand manufacturing capability.


Startup: Conjura - Irish company developing e-commerce data analytics solutions

Latest funding: $15.8 million, series A

Lead investors:  Act Venture Capital, MiddleGame Ventures

Other investors: Tribal VC

Funding plans: Conjura will use the capital to enhance its e-commerce solutions and broaden its U.K. and Ireland operations. It also aims to expand into several international markets simultaneously.


Figure 1: 2366.jpg Image credit: Ayar Labs

Startup: Ayar Labs - developer of silicon photonic chips that use light rather than electric currents for processing

Latest funding: $130 million, series C

Lead investors: Boardman Bay Capital Management

Other investors: HPE, Nvidia, Applied Ventures, GlobalFoundries,  Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures

Funding plans: Ayar wants to use the cash to ramp up production as well as secure supply chain partners.


Startup: Enveil -.provider of encrypted, privacy-focused search and analytics tools

Latest funding: $25 million, series B

Lead investors: USAA

Other investors: Mastercard, Capital One Ventures, C5 Capital, DataTribe, In-Q-Tel, Cyber Mentor Fund, Bloomberg Beta, GC&H, 1843 Capital

Funding plans: Enveil will leverage the capital to expand its sales, product development and marketing activities.


Startup: BandLab – Singapore-based company that developed a social music platform giving users creator tools to make music.

Latest funding: $65 million, series B

Lead investors: Vulcan Capital

Other investors: Caldecott Music Group, K3 Ventures

Funding plans: BandLab wants to use the case to expand its team and refine and grow its offerings


And in other news

SoftBank Vision Fund invests in cancer diagnostics startup

SoftBank has invested $70 million in the Japanese startup AI Medical Service, which develops systems and software for gastrointestinal diagnostics to detect cancer in patients.

AI Medical Service develops AI systems that aim to help clinicians more reliably identify potential stomach and intestinal cancers.

Following the series C raise in late April, the Japanese startup has raised $104.4 million.

Kentaro Matsui, who leads SoftBank’s Japan investments, said he anticipates the startup “foray overseas once it succeeds in the local market.”


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