Apple Expands Vision Pro, Unveils VisionOS 2 Features

Apple is expanding the availability of its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, adds new features for enterprises and consumers

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

June 11, 2024

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A woman wearing an Apple VisionPro headset sits at a desk looking out at the Mac Virtual Display app on large screens in front of her

While AI advancements took center stage at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the company also made a significant mixed reality update, unveiling plans to expand Vision Pro to new markets with a cutting-edge operating system.

The Apple Vision Pro is coming to China, Japan and Singapore as well as Australia, Canada, France and the U.K. starting in mid-July. Prices start from $3,499 with storage options ranging from 256GB to 1TB.

Vision Pro was only previously available in the U.S. but that didn’t stop Apple from selling 200,000 headsets in the first 10 days it was available for pre-order.

It’s the most expensive consumer-focused mixed-reality headset, but Apple CEO Tim Cook said during Monday’s keynote that customers have been enthusiastic about the new device.

“We are thrilled to introduce the magic of spatial computing to more customers around the world,” Cook said. “We can’t wait for more people to see the impossible become possible, whether working and collaborating with an infinite canvas for apps, reliving treasured memories in three dimensions, watching TV shows and movies in a one-of-a-kind personal cinema, or enjoying brand-new spatial experiences that defy imagination.”

The Vision Pro’s operating system (OS) is getting an overhaul too as Apple unveiled visionOS 2.

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The newest headset OS introduces new ways for users to share photos, improved control navigation, an improved display resolution and new productivity tools.

The update includes features for developers building experiences for the Vision Pro, including new APIs and frameworks to improve app creation efforts.

The new OS will launch in the fall. Headsets already come preinstalled with version 1.2 of the original visionOS.

“Apple Vision Pro delivers revolutionary experiences for users and developers and we’re excited to advance spatial computing even further with visionOS 2 just months after its initial release,” said Mike Rockwell, Apple’s vice president for Vision products. “With a robust set of tools that enable developers to create richer spatial apps, visionOS 2 makes Vision Pro even more powerful.”

VisionOS 2 updates include an improved resolution for the Mac Virtual Display app to create what Apple says is equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side.

The update will let users now rearrange apps to place them wherever they want and also connect a mouse. The headset will now also reveal the user’s physical keyboard, even when they’re immersed in an app.

Navigating the Vision Pro’s headset just got a bit easier with the new update. New hand gestures make it so users can access frequently used apps and important information like the current time, device battery level and volume controls.

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There are also new tools for enterprise developers building Vision Pro apps. Apple says the device can now be applied to use cases in industries including manufacturing, health care and aerospace.

Early adopters include Scandit AG and TeamViewer who are using the headset for barcode scanning and object tracking applications.

Other updates include a travel mode, enabling users to use the headset on the go while still being able to transform their surroundings and the ability to generate live captions for users who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Spatial photos were also given an overhaul in the new OS update. The feature allows the wearer to turn a 2D image into a dynamic image. VisionOS 2, users can now share those images with other Vision Pro and iPhone 15 Pro users.

An update to the Apple TV app will add multiview support — allowing wearers to watch up to five simultaneous streams at once.

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