Dubbed Quartz, the program will motivate users to exercise and eat better

Helen Hwang, Contributor

May 1, 2023

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  • Apple is expanding its health app offerings with a new coaching service to help users life a more healthful lifestyle.
  • Also, Apple plans to unveil a mixed-reality headset that has a wellness focus, such as by helping users meditate.
  • Apple is working on a noninvasive glucose monitoring system that takes blood sugar readings via sensors.

Apple is planning to launch an AI-enabled coaching service, as it doubles down on its wellness focus.

Code-named Quartz, the project's goal is to motivate users to exercise, sleep better, and optimize eating habits, according to Bloomberg. Using an Apple Watch, the data collected will help tailor suggestions and develop a coaching program for the user. The service is expected to debut in 2024 as its own app.

Also, Apple is planning to announce that its Health app will be available on the iPad for the first time as part of the roll out of iPadOS 17, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This will let users see their health data, such as ECG results, in a larger format. Apple is banking on the iPad version of the Health app to boost its popularity, given that tablets are being used in health care.

For this year, the Health app is expected to start tracking emotions and help users manage vision problems, such as nearsightedness. The mood tracker initially will ask users to answer questions but over time algorithms will analyze their speech, words they typed and other data.

Apple also is expected to unveil a mixed-reality headset that will play into the company’s health and wellness focus. The headset will allow users to meditate while wearing the device and incorporate an optimized version of Apple’s Fitness+ workout service.

Further, Apple will launch a journaling app that will be an extension of the ‘Find My’ service as a way to incorporate social networking elements. People could pen a diary entry about their commute to work.

Apple is also developing a noninvasive glucose monitoring system that can take blood sugar readings with a sensor instead of a finger prick. The company is working to shrink the system to the size of an iPhone but eventually reduce it to the size of a sensor that can fit into an Apple Watch.

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