Cisco Wants to Add AI to Spark by Purchasing MindMeld

Cisco Wants to Add AI to Spark by Purchasing MindMeld

Ed Lauder

May 12, 2017

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Cisco is looking into purchasing MindMeld so that they can use its AI platform to enhance their very own Spark platform.

More and more companies are looking into ways they can streamline the workplace and make things easier for their employees by using AI. Cisco is one of the companies doing exactly that; trying to find new ways to use AI in their business strategy.

Cisco recently announced that it will be purchasing the AI company MindMeld, which is currently based in California. The thinking behind this acquisition is so that Cisco can use MindMeld's AI platform to enhance their Spark collaboration portfolio by adding new conversational interfaces to their office products.

MindMeld's area of expertise is deploying machine learning to help their user better interact with voice assistants. Cisco wants to use MindMeld's AI to help bring voice assistants into the meeting room.

Cisco is already using AI in such products as Stealthwatch, Spark Board, and Spark Room Kit, and this new venture with MindMeld just reaffirms the fact that they are taking AI very seriously and that they see it as a key factor in the workplace of the future.

“The workplace of the future is one powered by AI,” said the Senior Vice-President of Cisco’s internet of things and applications group, Rowan Trollope.

He continued, “This is a significant step towards making that workplace a reality. Integrating MindMeld into the Cisco Spark platform will transform how users interact in Cisco Spark Spaces, Cisco Spark Meetings, and Cisco Spark Care.”

Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Jens Meggers, will be leading MindMeld’s team which is going to form the bulk of Cisco's new Cognitive Collaboration team within their Cloud Collaboration group.

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