Fiverr employs AI to help create custom logos

Fiverr employs AI to help create custom logos

Max Smolaks

February 17, 2020

3 Min Read

Logo Maker can automatically tweak designs made by human artists

by Max Smolaks 17 February 2020

Fiverr, the online freelance network
beloved by Generation Z, has introduced a service that uses artificial
intelligence to customize hand-crafted logos.

The new Logo Maker combines the original designs made by Fiverr’s army of freelancers with information provided by the customer, turning stock creations into unique brand images. It also enables designers to quickly produce hundreds of versions of the logos to boost their revenue.

Fiverr claims that its approach “preserves
the integrity of human-made logo designs, while giving business buyers a fast
and intuitive service to build a logo.”


Fiverr was established in 2010 in Tel Aviv
and went public on NYSE in 2019. The company runs an online marketplace for one-off
jobs called ‘gigs’ and is one of the businesses that contribute to the modern ‘gig

The name refers to the fact that services
on the platform used to start from $5 – although the limit is no longer in

Fiverr offers more than 300 types of
freelance services, but its most popular categories invariably involve graphic

The company’s latest project aims to offer more choice to customers and take some of the labor out of the design customization process.

With the Logo Maker, business customers can
select their industry, define what they want their logo to look like – e.g.
minimalist, vintage or 3D – and the platform will automatically produce a
selection of logos designed around their brand name. Colors, layout and fonts
can be changed immediately, and the designer can be contracted directly for
additional work.


Logo Maker can also provide businesses with
an automatically generated branding package, including things like banners for
social media.

“The idea that artificial intelligence will
eliminate many jobs in the future is outdated. Automation will not displace
human imagination and creativity, rather, the technology’s impact will be in
supporting and enhancing fundamental human capabilities. The future of work is
one where AI supports more people, to create more with less effort,” said Micha
Kaufman, founder and CEO of Fiverr.

“As a company that puts our community
first, we believe our approach to building smart AI tools not only supports
their efforts in delivering exceptional work, but also bolsters their
opportunities for work and earning potential.”

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