Google Cloud unveils AI-powered medical imaging platform

Suite of tools already used to detect early signs of prostate cancer.

October 11, 2022

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Suite of tools already used to detect early signs of prostate cancer.

Google Cloud has launched a new medical imaging platform, which leverages several AI tools to make health care data more interoperative, accessible and practical for clinicians.

The Medical Imaging Suite uses AI for a more accurate diagnosis of images and boosting productivity for health care providers. According to Google, the advancements will benefit patients with more access to care and produce better patient outcomes.

"Google pioneered the use of AI and computer vision in Photos, Image Search, and Lens and now we're making our imaging expertise, tools and technologies available for health care and life sciences enterprises," said Alissa Hsu Lynch, global lead of Google Cloud's MedTech strategy and solutions.

The industry solution integrates AI and machine learning models to allow data interoperability. The suite includes imaging datasets and dashboards allowing organizations to use tools like BigQuery and Looker to search petabytes of imaging data to carry out advanced analytics. Users can also create training datasets with no operational overhead.

The suite also offers AI imagine pipelines, allowing users to access its Vertex AI tool for ML model deployment in health care settings.

Its imaging lab contains AI-powered annotation tools from Nvidia and MONAI to automate the repetitive and manual job of labeling medical images.

One use of the Medical Imaging Suite saw scientists from Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey use its AI tools to detect early signs of prostate cancer. The Hackensack staff used petabytes of images to build AI algorithms that could forecast metastasis in patients with prostate cancer.

Image: Google Cloud

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