GTC 2022: Nvidia unveils industrial-grade edge AI computing platform

GTC 2022: Nvidia unveils industrial-grade edge AI computing platform

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

September 22, 2022

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Developer kits will launch in early 2023

Nvidia has unveiled the IGX platform designed for industrial-grade edge AI computing.

Revealed at GTC 2022 this week, the platform is tailored for use across manufacturing and logistics. It contains several layers for security, including for physical deployments as well as to identify vulnerabilities in digital twins of sites.

The IGX platform can be paired with Nvidia Fleet Command to secure edge AI management and orchestration from the cloud.

“As humans increasingly work with robots, industries are setting new functional safety standards for AI and computing,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia.

“NVIDIA IGX will help companies build the next generation of software-defined industrial and medical devices that can safely operate in the same environment as humans.”

What’s new is that Nvidia is using AI across sensors in a factory to create a centralized view, which can improve safety by providing additional inputs to machines and autonomous mobile robots working in the same space, added Riccardo Mariani, vice president of industry safety at Nvidia.

IGX for health care

The new edge offering is also applicable to health care settings, according to Nvidia. Its low-latency requirements mean it can be used for procedures, such as robotic-assisted surgery and patient monitoring. Effectively, the safety-oriented hardware and software combo could apply to most sensor-heavy environments.

IGX Orin developer kits will be available early next year. Each unit comes with an integrated GPU and CPU for high-performance AI compute and a ConnectX-7 SmartNIC ethernet network adapter for high-performance networking.

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