Vehicles fitted with AI cameras for passenger safety

March 1, 2022

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Vehicles fitted with AI cameras for passenger safety

Hyundai’s Sonata smart vehicles are set to take to the streets of Abu Dhabi after its exclusive UAE distributor struck a new partnership with two AI solutions providers.

Juma Al Majid has partnered with Streamax Technology and GBS Solutions to launch the Sonata as ‘AI smart taxis.’ Streamax and GBS will provide the Hyundai distributor with AI solutions designed to enhance safety, vehicle operation and customer experience.

For example, AI-enhanced cameras fitted within the vehicles are designed to detect driver fatigue, response time and other factors. The cameras also monitor the occupants, alerting them in emergencies or when belongings are left behind.

The new partners are “working very closely with the manufacturer to ensure a leading and seamless public transport experience,” said Suliman AlZaben, Director of Hyundai, UAE.

The smart Sonata was shown off at the recent Mena Transport Congress and Exhibition 2022 in Dubai.

While these Sonatas are not autonomous, the model got a taste of autonomy when Yandex, the Russian equivalent of Google, began using them in AV trials in 2019.

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