Taco Bell fans Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole beat out 300 others to get hitched in Decentraland.

Deborah Yao, Editor

March 4, 2023

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Taco Bell fans Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole got hitched in the metaverse, courtesy of the Mexican fast food chain.

The culturally Indian wedding was ‘held’ in virtual world Decentraland and the two were legally declared husband and wife by a virtual officiant. Indian-American actor Kal Penn was the master of ceremonies.

The San Francisco-area couple are both in the tech industry. Mohnot is a co-founder of venture capital firm Better Tomorrow Ventures, while Godbole is a lawyer at Instagram.

They beat out 300 other applicants to get married in the metaverse.

Godbole said some of their friends and family do not “totally understand” the idea of a metaverse wedding, but “once they knock back a couple of virtual bottles of Baja Blasts, I think they’ll get in the spirit.”

Mohnot said he was excited to “experience things we’d never get to do in an IRL (in real life) wedding – like ride an elephant to the venue!” The groom’s avatar rode an elephant in a traditional baraat procession.

The couple’s ‘cake’ is made with virtual Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell.

The newlyweds and their guests were given personalized outfits to celebrate. After the wedding, there was a reception where the couple had their first dance. Later, the bride tossed a hot-sauce bouquet. To eat for real, guests can scan a QR code at the reception to get an offer for actual Taco Bell food.

The newlyweds are jetting to New Zealand for their honeymoon.

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