LawGeex Launches Legal Technology Buyers Guide for Businesses

Ed Lauder

May 16, 2017

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LawGeek has launched The In-House Counsel's LegalTech Buyers Guide, which showcases the technology solutions which will help lawyers solve daily challenges.

LawGeex is currently the leading AI contract review platform for businesses, and they have today launched The In-House Counsel’s LegalTech Buyers Guide - a free guide that showcases more than 100 must-know technology solutions which will help to solve the daily challenges faced by in-house lawyers.

The guide includes practical advice based on interviews, real life experiences and personal recommendations from in-house lawyers and legal experts who have used technology such as AI, to cut costs and reduce legal inefficiency. Lawyers came from companies including Pearson, AIG, TabTale, Travelocity, Vodafone, NetApp, Del Monte, Axalta Coating Systems, Tongal and Novartis.

The analysis argues that the legal sector is lagging as one of the last business areas to adopt technology, but lawyers are now embracing change, spurred by the dramatic increase in LegalTech products available. We conducted our very own interview with Mischon De Reya LLP's Chief Strategy Officer, Nick West, in which he voiced similar concerns regarding the legal sector and the need to adopt these new technologies such as AI.

The guide includes an infographic showing more than 40 major new legal AI companies which have revolutionized the profession.

“We are publishing this guide at a time when in-house lawyers face multiple drivers to adopt new technologies. In-house teams are under pressure to produce evidence of higher efficiency and quality and provide better data and strategic input for their organization,” said Noory Bechor, CEO and Founder of LawGeex

Sterling Miller, former General Counsel of Travelocity and Sabre Corporation, also commented on LawGeex's announcement. “One of the easiest ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs is through the use of technology. But, to be a successful in-house lawyer or general counsel you need to embrace technology and make sure your team does as well.”

“I would highly recommend GCs embrace the plethora of existing and new LegalTech software and tools available. I know from personal and professional experience that AI tools are beginning to benefit GCs, their clients and companies enormously,” noted Chrissie Lightfoot, entrepreneur, author, lawyer and co-founder and CEO.

You can download the full guide by following this link:

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