Noogata raises $12m for its ‘no code’ AI platform

Enables users to build new services out of blocks

Nick Booth, Reporter

March 22, 2021

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Israeli startup Noogata has raised $12 million to develop a modular system that enables a ‘no code’ approach to AI-based services.

This system relies on users daisy-chaining together multiple ‘AI blocks’ - single components engineered to gather, enrich or model data. These blocks can ingest information from enterprise platforms, pull in relevant external data, and apply modeling techniques to generate the information users need.

Noogata claims the system can be used without any training in data science or programming.

The seed financing round was led by Israeli cyber intelligence specialist Team8, with participation from Skylake Capital.

Everybody likes Lego

Founder and CTO Oren Raboy developed Noogata’s block-based programming extensions on a forked version of the open source Scratch Blocks repository. These blocks can help programming novices explore machine learning models, robotics, and other aspects of AI.

The intention is that experts don’t need to be distracted from their specialist area to learn computer languages.

These AI blocks work best when they are fine-tuned for a particular domain, according to Noogata, which initially focused on the three most popular use cases: e-commerce, retail, and customer service.

"We believe data teams are at the epicenter of digital transformation and that to drive impact, they need to be able to unlock the value of data,” said Assaf Egozi, co-founder and CEO of Noogata.

“They need access to relevant, continuous and explainable insights and predictions that are reliable and up-to-date. Noogata unlocks the value of data by providing contextual, business-focused blocks that integrate seamlessly into enterprise data environments to generate actionable insights, predictions and recommendations.”

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