Self-driving IT specialist Virtual Instruments rebrands as Virtana

Self-driving IT specialist Virtual Instruments rebrands as Virtana

Max Smolaks

October 22, 2019

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Still believes data centers should be managed by algorithms

by Max Smolaks 22 October 2019


American software developer Virtual
Instruments, which makes tools for AI-assisted IT management, has changed its
name to Virtana.

The company has also launched CloudWisdom, a new hybrid IT management product delivered as a service.

Virtana is a trailblazer in the emerging
AIOps field, believing that server farms are best managed in partnership with
algorithms that can sift through reams of logs and metrics to find ways to
reduce IT infrastructure costs or identify issues that could cause downtime
down the line.

Its products use a combination of real-time monitoring, big data analytics, and increasingly,
artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

“Connecting the
dots between the health and performance of individual data center and public
cloud resources with their exact impact on application SLAs and performance is
the holy grail for enterprises embarking on their digital transformation
journey,” explained Torsten Volk, senior analyst at Enterprise Management

“Virtana is
combining its heritage of highly granular real-time application infrastructure
monitoring with advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities from the
Metricly (formerly Netuitive) acquisition, to ultimately offer comprehensive
monitoring and policy-driven capacity optimization and automated problem

In addition to changing its name, Virtana has advanced its business model to include
self-service SaaS and introduced downloadable 30-day trial versions of its software

CloudWisdom is one of the first products to get the SaaS treatment. The software performs both cloud monitoring and cost analysis – the latter is a complicated, contentious subject ignored by most infrastructure management providers.


CloudWisdom monitors middleware including databases, messaging platforms,
microservices, and containers, as well as dozens of leading cloud
infrastructure services.

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