This AI tool makes quizzes for students – so teachers don't have to

Kwizie is designed to save teachers 'hours of manual work.'

Ben Wodecki

April 21, 2022

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Kwizie is designed to save teachers 'hours of manual work.'

Finnish education firm New Nordic Schools has launched Kwizie: an online tool that allows teachers to create quizzes for students using AI.

Similar to the popular Kahoot, the new product can be used as a stand-alone tool where no login information is required– students only need a code to start an assessment.

Unlike Kahoot however, Kwizie generates the quiz automatically based on the chosen learning material, which New Nordic Schools suggests saves teachers “hours of manual work.”

Teachers save a lot of time on preparatory work by instantaneously creating quizzes for their students from any text-based resource in English,” said Janne Jormalainen, co-founder and chair of the Board of New Nordic Schools.

“Kwizie brings excitement and interactivity to learning and assessment, with the help of cutting-edge AI,” Jormalainen added.

Kwizie allows users to access resources from third-party providers including Britannica School.

New Nordic Schools said that future releases of Kwizie will feature personalized quizzes based on each student’s ability and recommend next steps for a “mastery style of learning.”

The new product offering is integrated with New Nordic Schools’ own Nordic Learning Platform, a hybrid learning solution.

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