This Week's Top AI News: GitHub, Google, Meta and Brain Scans

Featuring - Copilot lawsuit, turmoil at Twitter and Meta

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November 10, 2022

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#1 Microsoft, GitHub, OpenAI Hit with Code Copyright Lawsuit

GitHub, Microsoft and OpenAI have been hit with a class-action lawsuit over claims their AI-powered coding tool Copilot copied copywritten code.

The lawsuit claims that Copilot, which is designed to auto-complete snippets of code, “violates the licenses that open-source programmers chose and monetizes their code despite GitHub’s pledge never to do so.”

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#2 Meta Lays Off 11,000 Staff in its Largest-ever Firing

Facebook and Instagram parent Meta has fired about 11,000 employees as profits declined and revenue growth slowed.

Meta’s workforce will be reduced by about 13% with plans in place to cut discretionary spending and a freeze on hiring through Q1 of next year.

The move comes as Meta plans to keep spending billions on the metaverse, which shareholders and Wall Street have criticized as too much.

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#3 Musk Acts to Stem Turmoil at Twitter

It’s taken Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just one week for turmoil to ensue as he takes over Twitter.

The likes of General Mills, Audi and Pfizer have pulled ads on the platform, with several celebrities leaving the site amid concerns Musk would allow objectionable posts.

One change he has implemented is charging $8 a month to verify accounts. Members also will see half as many ads and have the ability to post long-form video and audio.

After taking over, Musk immediately fired top management and dissolved its board. He also is cutting half of the 7,500 workforce.

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#4 Google Acquires 3D Avatar Startup

Google has acquired AI startup Alter in a deal worth around $100 million, as the search giant beefs up its VR and AR capabilities.

Based in New York, Alter developed a software kit that allows brands to develop 3D avatars. The avatars can be used for apps and games with metaverse applications in mind.

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#5 BrainScan CEO: Improving medical image analysis using AI

Polish startup BrainScan has deployed an AI-powered system that it said can quickly analyze CT scans and other medical images to spot brain lesions in a matter of minutes.

It aims to cover all brain pathologies, which the company said its competitors do not do. The results of BrainScan’s AI system will support the findings of radiologists, whose ranks are declining as the workforce ages.

To read more: BrainScan CEO: Improving medical image analysis using AI

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