Virtual Instruments wants AI to manage your data center

Virtual Instruments wants AI to manage your data center

Max Smolaks

September 4, 2019

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by Max Smolaks 4 September 2019

American software developer VirtualInstruments has launched a major update to VirtualWisdom, its software suitefor AI-assisted data center management.

The company is a trailblazer in the emerging AIOps field, believing that server farms are best managed in partnership with algorithms that can sift through reams of logs and metrics to find ways to reduce IT infrastructure costs or identify issues that could cause downtime down the line.

“AIOps is an umbrella term and it can meaneverything from doing pattern recognition in terms of IT operations, to applyingvarious algorithms to the management of IT. Our approach is somewhat unique inthat there’s application of purposeful algorithmic intelligence depending onthe circumstances,” John Gentry, CTO of Virtual Instruments, told AI Business.

“At the core, the platform has a machinelearning engine, and everything is based on understanding what is the normalbehavior in the environment and being able to recognize anomalies.

“And then the application of AI in thatcontext relates to very specific use cases: whether that’s looking at causalitybetween trends that are happening in conjunction and understanding therelationships involved, or whether that’s running simulations to balanceworkloads and look for optimal placement of workloads in the environment.

“It really depends on what we’re solvingfor, based on our experience, with a combination of statistical analysis,heuristics, machine learning – all brought to bear against the problem.”

The company started out as a provider of infrastructuremonitoring, but embraced machine learning technologies in 2014, and eventually builtits own WisdomAI engine.

Among other things, the VirtualWisdom platformcan forecast future consumption of resources like memory, compute and storage;it can help IT teams understand where specifically their applications resideand optimize application performance by moving workloads when appropriate. Allof this functionality works across both on-premise infrastructure and publiccloud.

Version 6.2 of VirtualWisdom adds brand new features like the Workload RightSizer, which can suggest the exact configuration of virtual machines based on the applications they are running, and even create a script that can be fed into change management software like ServiceNow to tweak configurations on-the-fly. Eventually, Virtual Instruments hopes to fully automate this process.

Another new addition is the Drift Analyzer,which can warn when changes in application behavior are anomalous and deliverreal-time alerts to restore application performance.

There are updates to predictive capacitymanagement and proactive dashboards that support annotation,linking, and smart naming; and finally, WorkloadWisdomgets full integration with Dell EMC’s Isilon, the venerable family ofenterprise storage appliances that has been a data center mainstay for almost15 years.

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