Experts in AI: "What Are We Solving?" - AI In Art

Experts in AI: "What Are We Solving?" - AI In Art

by Ciarán Daly
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LONDON - During The AI Summit London 2019, TechXLR8's own Tech TV team sat down with Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, a multidisciplinary artist exploring the human values that shape design, science, technology, and nature.

Through artworks, writing, and curatorial projects, Daisy examines why we make things, what those things are, and their relationship with us and the world. We discussed how AI and machine learning has influenced her work, as well as the role of technology in society more widely - and whether art and social movements could deliver change without it.

With flagship shows in San Francisco, London, New York, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cape Town, 2019 will see over 30,000 delegates from businesses globally joining the AI revolution through The AI Summit events.

The AI Summit series uniquely has the support of tech’s elite, with our 2019 Industry Partners featuring Agorai, AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, HCL, Publicis Sapient, Genpact, Intel alongside 300+ sponsors and partners. Exclusive, inspirational insights from acclaimed speakers are frequently reported by the world’s foremost press including official media partners CBS, Reuters, BBC, The Times, Quartz, Tech Radar.

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