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Enabling NLP for enterprise applications

Relevant and precise search functionality is instrumental for modern applications. In the past few years, newer pre-trained language models have transformed the enterprise search landscape. Building semantic search or a question answering application for thousands of end users can now be a matter of days. In this webinar, Milos Rusic, the CEO of deepset, the company behind a popular open source Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, will share key findings from working with large enterprise customers, demystify industry-specific concepts, highlight areas of focus, and explain how to lower the barrier to modern NLP without incurring unnecessary costs in time or money.

Successful Data Discovery with Taxonomies and Semantic Analysis

It can be challenging to gain insights and make strong decisions from siloed, unstructured, language-based enterprise data. Teams that combine personal and open-source approaches tend to spend more time managing their technology stack than using that knowledge to create value. Gaining control over language assets such as documents, emails, reports, and webpages can help teams to build more efficient semantic search, intelligent applications, and customized knowledge bases. This can be done through a combination of symbolic (rules-based) and machine learning approaches to provide the highest degree of accuracy, explainability and flexibility. Join AI and knowledge discovery expert Christophe Aubry to hear several real-world natural language examples where Hybrid AI is used for successful data discovery. In the webinar you will learn how to: • Identify relevant concepts and topics by applying automatic semantic analysis • Improve knowledge discovery and natural language applications by building your own knowledge graphs • Automate document analysis by semantically classifying large volumes of unstructured data with taxonomies

DIGITAL WEBINAR: Data and AI in Manufacturing: Moving Beyond POC Purgatory

Join Omdia and Databricks in this panel discussion that is beneficial to both IT and Business leaders, to discover how manufacturing professionals are addressing these concerns by adopting a more operational approach to their data architecture, one capable of surfacing new AI-driven revenue streams while increasing profitability and productivity.

DIGITAL WEBINAR: Sustaining Business Transformation Through Supply Chain Headwinds – The Lenovo Study

The global pandemic has strained supply chains severely across every industry vertical. In the high-tech industry, customer demand continues to be strong, but highly volatile. With one of the world’s widest portfolios of technology products, Lenovo delivers its vision of Smarter Technology for All through products, solutions, software, and services that individuals, communities, businesses, and entire populations need to fulfil their potential.

Over this insightful session, hear from Kevin Brandman, Director of Integrated Business Planning & Lifecycle Management for Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) and Puneet Saxena, Corporate VP, Global Manufacturing at Blue Yonder as they discuss:

  • Enabling a resilient supply chain to support business growth
  • Improving responsiveness and earning customers’ trust during severe economic and supply-based headwinds across the world
  • What manufacturers need to focus on to be successful on the road ahead

DIGITAL WEBINAR: From the Ground Up: Building ML Models with Labeled Video Data

As computer vision applications continue to expand, video as a data type is providing new insights and capabilities. Its use is growing much more rapidly than other forms.

In this webinar, we focus on how and why video use is exploding. As a training data labelling provider, we get to work with many of the companies building market-defining machine learning applications. We will share insights and key trends that we've observed with our customers and in the ecosystem.

Key topics include:

  • Innovation drivers
  • Adoption by vertical
  • Emerging use cases
DIGITAL WEBINAR: Decision Analytics in a Data-Driven Future

It's true that organizations are getting more out of their data than ever before (as investing more into their data, too), empowering data science and business intelligence teams to explore, visualize, and gain insights into unprecedented amounts of data. Two other things are also true: More is being expected from such teams to differentiate themselves from their competition and that all too often these analytics teams end their projects too soon – failing to consider the decisions their analyses inform. That’s where Decision Analytics comes in, and particularly, Mathematical Optimization.

DIGITAL WEBINAR: Quantum Computing How To: Executing a successful PoC from start to finish

In this webinar, industry experts will come together to discuss how enterprises are able to execute a successful proof of concept in the quest to build a viable business case. Drawing on real life experiences and examples, the panel will discuss: Identifying the right challenge applicable to quantum computing technology; Building out the potential use case framework; Selecting the right partners; Developing appropriate success benchmarks.

DIGITAL WEBINAR: Computer vision in video broadcasting: Setting new rules in a transforming industry

During the course of the pandemic, the video broadcasting industry has been pushed towards digitalization and has gone through major transformations. In the race to quickly adapt rigid infrastructures that satisfy a growing and evolving demand, artificial intelligence has become a versatile and omnipresent asset waiting to be turned into a competitive advantage. In this webinar, several panelists including Appu Shaji, CEO and Chief Scientist of Mobius Labs and Eden Zoller, Omdia Chief Analyst, break down the way to adapt to a rapidly changing industry in the new year. In addition, there will be a discussion panel where we will include specific uses-cases and examples that are relevant to the video broadcasting industry. Finally, you will be invited to participate in an open Q&A session.

Trials, tribulations, and best practices of implementing and on-boarding RPA/IA

Automation has arrived. 2021 saw a huge increase in its adoption. But it hasn't been plain sailing for everyone. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) are hot topics, but some organisations have had their fingers burned with attempts to introduce bots and the expected improvements.

How Financial Services providers are utilizing AI to create meaningful interactions in an unpredictable world

Join HPE and NVIDIA experts as we discuss the ways Financial Services organizations are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to save money, improve operations, and better engage with customers. AI Deep Learning methods are enabling new and improved uses around fraud identification, predicting payment default, streamlining document and loan processing, and providing "best in class" customer experiences.

Leveraging the right strategy to combat global supply chain disruptions

In this webinar, we will be joined by senior executives from Blue Yonder and Microsoft who will showcase the role of technology in combating and solving global supply chain shortages from Christmas toy shortages for your kids to chip shortages in the high tech and automotive industries.

Human-Machine Intelligence in Cybersecurity

The recent wave of sophisticated cyberattacks targeting both public and private sectors has led to nationwide efforts to address the gaps. Aggravating this challenge is the acute shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals in the industry. While AI is great at automating simple repetitive tasks, much of cybersecurity is dynamic and prone to adversarial attacks, which are slipping through the cracks. This talk addresses how Human-Machine Intelligence will redefine the way we defend against cybersecurity attacks. This new field in cybersecurity can tip the odds that are stacked against organizations, while simultaneously elevating human potential to address these attacks.

Enterprise MLOps Trends

At DataRobot, we perform regular research to understand the state of enterprise machine learning and help organizations maximize the business impact of ML. Businesses across virtually every industry made their ML initiatives a top strategic priority in 2020, as they looked to create both short-term costs savings and long-term competitive advantages. As the enterprise ML market continues to mature in 2021, many organizations are managing increasingly complex post-deployment operational issues. Set yourself up for ML success in the second half of 2021—and beyond. Join us as we reveal trends in enterprise machine learning that have evolved in 2021.

DIGITAL WEBINAR: How retailers are transforming into the intelligent store with the age of insights

Artificial intelligence is transforming retail to create the intelligent store of the future both in store and online while creating a better customer experience. Join our panel with our Omdia analyst, HPE and NVIDIA experts as we discuss some key trends of the hybrid AI enabled intelligent store and how to leverage AI to reduce shrinkage, use analytics to gain more visibility into store and customer behavior and ensure your infrastructure is production ready from the edge to the cloud to drive growth and maximize profitability.

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