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Complex Data Collection and Annotation: A Case Study

One of the most important phases of a machine learning project is data collection and annotation. Together, they account for at least 40% of the effort to get a project from conception to deployment.

In this presentation, we will look at a real-life case study for a large-scale data collection and annotation project that involved mathematical formulas, diagrams, and handwritten text in multiple languages, including Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

To deliver the data, Lionbridge leveraged its distributed network of annotators, involving hundreds of specialists around the world.

Join this 60-minute presentation to learn

  • What methods for data collection work best
  • How to ensure the diversity of your dataset
  • The importance of data quality
  • How to deliver your ML project on time and on budget

DIGITAL SEMINAR: Intelligent Automation Demands Operational Intelligence

Organizations have been automating business processes for decades, but true Operational Intelligence only became a reality when big data and analytics provided the ability to gather operational data and apply AI and machine learning models. Today, automation applications, like workflows and robotic processes, are populating data lakes with operational data, and AI is providing near real-time intelligence with sophisticated visualization tools.

As a result, operations professionals can quickly see where bottlenecks are starting to build up, which teams need extra attention, where specific human expertise is necessary, and how likely the business is to meet its goals.

This Digital Seminar will explore the leading trends in Operational Intelligence, with a look at IBM’s Automation Operation Command Center, which offers visibility into the performance of the Digital Workforce and RPA bots across the enterprise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The benefits of Operational Intelligence in a real-life case study;
  • The types of Machine Learning Models and Visualization views available for Automation;
  • The typical use cases enabled by the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation;
  • Q&A with experts including Tom Ivory, Vice President, Global Leader, Automation Innovation, and Ed Lynch, Vice President, IBM Digital Business Automation.

AI in Industry: Unlock value at scale in financial services, manufacturing, retail & health

Companies are leveraging data to unlock meaningful insights across a variety of activities, such as identifying new sources of revenue, developing new products/services and maintaining competitiveness amid new and evolving business norms. However, most recent surveys indicate that the stakeholder expectations are not completely addressed, tangible business value is not fully realized and many AI initiatives are never fully industrialized. Please join Avanade’s team of AI and industry experts as they walk through concrete examples of how leading organizations are accelerating their AI journey to create agile, responsive and highly personalized business models.

Join us for these industry conversations and more:

  • Financial Services: Improve your financial advisor/agent productivity, reduce earning volatility and drive customer experience to the next level using AI/ML
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Oil & Gas: Explore predictive asset management, production scenario planning and intelligent inventory optimization using connected machines
  • Retail and CPG: Discover how virtual queueing, endless aisle, product recommendation, shopper associate interaction, and customer journey analytics can accelerate your ability to meet changing customer and employee expectations
  • Healthcare: Improve patient experience and clinician experience with clinician virtual assistants, improve operational experience with medical supply management and intelligent contact centers.

DIGITAL SEMINAR: Documents to Decisions – Unlocking the value of information

With 90% of data within organizations being unstructured, and most of it locked in documents, organizations are staring at massive manual effort, high costs and lost opportunities due to the lack of relevant information in real time. AI can be a game changer when it comes to opening the doors to a wealth of rich insights critical for faster and easier decision making without the need for time-intensive, manual extraction of information from documents.

Join this AI Business Digital Seminar sponsored by Edgeverve to learn how businesses are moving on to the next wave of digital transformation with enterprise-grade AI powered document comprehension platform that digitizes unstructured documents and extracts insights to enable on-demand consumption.

Key Take Aways:

  • A look at how enterprises have built resilience over the years to future-proof against disruptions
  • What are the top trends in the Enterprise document digitization and comprehension market?
  • Becoming an insights-driven enterprise – how to uncover insights locked in documents to take timely, strategic and informed actions?
  • How are enterprises benefiting from AI powered document comprehension to unlock business value
  • This Digital Seminar will be moderated by Max Smolax, Global Editor at AI Business.

How Mahindra is Achieving Real AI Results in its Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies are making it possible for the supply chain to become truly autonomous — the ability to do dynamic segmentation of the portfolio, sense and predict disruptions, and self-correct in real time in order to make supply chains more resilient, agile and cost efficient. But how can the typical company achieve this ambitious vision?

Key topics include:

  • The Autonomous Supply Chain Journey
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Digital Transformation Journey – Mahindra and Mahindra needed to enhance its traditional segmentation processes and tools based on subjective classification criteria and rules of thumb cut-off boundaries - leading to inefficient allocation of inventory and less than optimal service levels for the customer. In addition, the company relied on manual Excel spreadsheets to create demand and supply plans that were inadequate due to the complexity and scale of business. Mahindra and Mahindra partnered with BlueYonder to gain greater agility and responsiveness, improve customer service, and reduce inventory costs at the same time.
  • Strategies being leveraged by customers to make the supply chain lean, resilient, agile and responsive by shifting the Lean vs. Resilience curve
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Scenario planning
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Reimagine Enterprise Document Comprehension - Do more with AI

With AI, enterprises can now have access to the hidden insights long stored within these documents, enabling higher agility and quicker responsiveness. Join this webinar to understand various instances of how this information can be helpful to your enterprise and Industry.

Control your own destiny with AI-powered digital business operations management

IBM’s Digital Business Automation platform integrates best-of-breed workflow, capture, decision management and content management into a platform that enables you to build end-to-end applications to automate great swaths of your business. A single automation platform offers heightened operational intelligence achieved through real-time monitoring, process mining, machine learning and visualization across all the capabilities, which enables business operations to quickly identify and address problem areas and reposition workers to adapt and respond to changing conditions. This session will dig deep into this capability, known as IBM Business Automation Insight, with use cases and demonstrations of the low code dashboards that business operations professionals in any industry can use to build a more resilient, productive hybrid workforce. Key topics include: • Common monitoring obstacles created by siloed and disparate systems • How AI and Machine learning can provide actionable insight • How Business Operations professionals can use low code dashboards to build granular reports and screens • How process mining can keep organizations ahead of curve

Your Contact Center is the Key to CX Innovation in 2020

With millions of people adapting to a “new normal” in life and work, business resiliency and service continuity matter more than ever. Many organizations are turning to AI to bolster their customer-facing interactions and ensure that they can meet the increased service demand. In this webinar, you'll learn how customers like IBM have embraced new ways of working to ensure business continuity in their contact center and deliver seamless, customer-centric support.

How AI-Powered Supply Chains Can Save the World

COVID-19 is putting the world’s supply chains to the test. How can AI/ML help to navigate unpredictable demand and supply, expanding sales channels, skill shortages, trade restrictions and more, ensuring that supplies get to the people who need them?

The transformative impact of AI in banking

How some of the world’s largest financial organizations are harnessing the power of technologies like predictive analytics, intelligent automation and natural language generation

Seizing the AI business opportunity

AI Business aims to place you at the center of the industry, whatever your business objectives. With our community and industry backing, digital expertise and unparalleled, global reach, you can elevate your brand, position yourself as a thought leader and generate new business leads 365 days a year – no matter the economic outlook.

Transforming organizations with Data and Business Flow Monitoring

The Digital Enterprise has exposed weakness in traditional business processes, automated or not. Those weaknesses, when not recognized, can end you on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times, and not for the right reasons. Companies need to respond quickly and effectively to issues as they occur, recognizing when an actual fire may start and how to prevent one.

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