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Your Contact Center is the Key to CX Innovation in 2020

With millions of people adapting to a “new normal” in life and work, business resiliency and service continuity matter more than ever. Many organizations are turning to AI to bolster their customer-facing interactions and ensure that they can meet the increased service demand. In this webinar, you'll learn how customers like IBM have embraced new ways of working to ensure business continuity in their contact center and deliver seamless, customer-centric support.

How AI-Powered Supply Chains Can Save the World

COVID-19 is putting the world’s supply chains to the test. How can AI/ML help to navigate unpredictable demand and supply, expanding sales channels, skill shortages, trade restrictions and more, ensuring that supplies get to the people who need them?

The transformative impact of AI in banking

How some of the world’s largest financial organizations are harnessing the power of technologies like predictive analytics, intelligent automation and natural language generation

Seizing the AI business opportunity

AI Business aims to place you at the center of the industry, whatever your business objectives. With our community and industry backing, digital expertise and unparalleled, global reach, you can elevate your brand, position yourself as a thought leader and generate new business leads 365 days a year – no matter the economic outlook.

Transforming organizations with Data and Business Flow Monitoring

The Digital Enterprise has exposed weakness in traditional business processes, automated or not. Those weaknesses, when not recognized, can end you on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times, and not for the right reasons. Companies need to respond quickly and effectively to issues as they occur, recognizing when an actual fire may start and how to prevent one.

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Innovative ML projects can only succeed if they manage to transform a business problem into clear tasks data scientists can work on

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