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DIGITAL SEMINAR | AI-Powered Supply Chain: Data Outside the Four Walls

In today’s complex world, pressures around global supply chains are unprecedented. Labor availability, materials shortages, limited logistics services, and variable demand are forcing supply chain leaders to continually revise their plans. The strength of a supply chain is only as good as its weakest link.

Join this interactive virtual session to learn how industry leaders including Bose are harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, advanced statistics, and new data sources outside the four walls of the enterprise to optimize supply chain demand forecasting to drive business growth. The 90-minute interactive session will include prescriptive insights into:

  • Fine-tuning demand planning with non-traditional data sources
  • Innovating with AI and machine learning across the entire supply chain
  • Integrating institutional business knowledge into advanced analytic solutions
  • Adapting to new ways of working to achieve next-generation forecasting
  • Using demand planning advancements for a digital jumpstart to touchless planning

Amid disruption ushered in by COVID-19, please join us to learn best practices around leveraging non-traditional data to optimize your supply chain in the new normal.

Cutting through the noise - Debunking myths in AI-powered Document Processing

Enterprise documents are a rich source of hidden data and insights. Enterprises are realizing this and are on the look-out to extract and process this valuable information. But as the market is flooded with multiple jargons and claims, it can get difficult for the end consumer to de-clutter through the noise.

So what should enterprises do? What do they need to know before they adopt a document processing solution?

Join our webinar to hear John Kuriakose, Principle Product Architect for Infosys Nia at Infosys and guest speaker from Forrester Research, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson. They will:

  • Demystify the myths around applying AI for document processing
  • Elaborate on some key points enterprises should consider before adopting AI for document processing

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