WASHINGTON DC – The public can now access all federal government initiatives and resources around artificial intelligence technologies from a single digital hub launched by the White House this week.

AI.gov brings together AI-oriented policy initiatives across the federal government, combined with government-wide resources such as fact sheets, strategic documents, agency programs, and more. It comes as part of the Trump administration’s American AI Initiative launched with an executive order in February.

“You can really see the depth and breadth of all the work being done, from the Transportation Department to [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] to [the National Science Foundation] and across the federal government,” Michael Kratsios, the US Chief Deputy Technology Officer within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, said at a keynote during The Economist’s AI event in Washington.

“It’s a real hub for all the AI projects being done across the agencies. It really speaks to and highlights the whole government approach we’re taking to ensure American leadership in this work.”

Visitors to the site can explore detailed information on how different agencies are utilising AI, what the USA’s long-term strategic R&D plan is, how the administration plans to foster AI in industry, and much more.

“How do we make sure dollars that are being spent on R&D at the National Science Foundation are coordinated with the dollars being spent at DARPA, and those are coordinated with the dollars being spent at the Department of Energy, and all the high-performance computing infrastructure at the national labs? This really puts an emphasis on prioritizing coordinating R&D spending,” Kratsios continued.