The world’s first artificial intelligence doctor will be tested against a real doctor and nurse and what could be a landmark in the field of medicine. The mobile app will be tested in terms of speed and accuracy in diagnosing common health problems.


Babylon Health’s Breakthrough Program: ‘Check’

Designed by a British start-up firm, Babylon Health, Check is a program that acts likes a triage nurse, asking a series of questions to determine if the case is severe or not. However, it is important to note that it does not give a formal diagnosis.

The main objective of the app is to prevent diseases from further escalating. According to Babylon Health executive Ali Parsa, Check can analyse thousands of health problems with astounding accuracy.

“It is more accurate than any human, just as a computer weather forecast is now more accurate than any human”, he said.

Earlier reports said that Check tracks users’ daily habits, heart rate, diet, medical records and from there is able to formulate a diagnosis based on the symptoms.

Currently, Check is used by 250,000 people in the United Kingdom. The app cost $7.19 to get everyday access to medical doctors over video chat.

How Does ‘Check’ Work?

With the input of more than 100 doctors, Babylon Health developed an algorithm that has an accuracy of a computer weather forecast.

Parsa claimed that it is more accurate that any human. The design was repeated many times over and they have to find any error.

However, the head of Babylon Health’s AI team, Steve Hamblin, said that they are not aiming to replace doctors. Rather, the company aims to boost the doctors.

Check will not make the final diagnosis although it is a possibility that could happen in the future especially in developing countries, where access to medical help is often difficult.


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