x.ai announced this week that its AI personal assistant can operate across Microsoft Outlook.com and Microsoft Office 365 calendars to schedule meetings. Now businesses and individual professionals who run on these Microsoft products can also enlist x.ai’s personal assistant, Amy Ingram.  

x.ai launched a beta version of its AI personal assistant in June 2014. (All you do is cc amy@x.ai, and she takes over the job of scheduling your meeting.) Since then, Amy and her brother Andrew have scheduled hundreds of thousands of meetings and processed millions of scheduling-related emails.

For the past two years, x.ai has supported only one calendar type – Google calendar – as it focused product development on the arduous task of training a machine to understand scheduling-related conversations. During this time, one of the most requested features has been support for Microsoft calendars.

“We knew from the start that enabling Amy and Andrew to work across the Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars would be one of the first things we did, once we had trained the machine to schedule meetings nearly autonomously,” said CEO and Founder Dennis R. Mortensen. “We want all of the nearly 90 million US knowledge workers to be able to take advantage of this technology. That represents roughly 10 billion meetings a year, and we want to schedule every single one of them.”

x.ai’s beta customers include small business owners, product managers, salespeople, marketers, designers, startup CEOs, teachers, students, journalists, and many others across nearly every industry.   “This AI personal assistant can schedule your meetings, saving our joint customers hours each week, enhancing productivity and unleashing creativity,” said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft.

x.ai will come out of beta this Autumn.

About x.ai

x.ai makes an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. The company was founded in 2014 by former Visual Revenue CEO Dennis R. Mortensen and co-founders Alex Poon, Matt Casey, and Marcos Jimenez. The wider founding team members are industry veterans from analytics, big data, and the predictive modeling world. x.ai is based in New York City.   For more details about x.ai, inc., visit our corporate website at x.ai or simply see how Amy schedules your meetings. For press inquiries, please email stefanie@human.x.ai.


You can read our in-depth interview with CEO Dennis R. Mortensen here.


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