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For digital opportunities and ways in which AI Business can support your business, please download our media kit or reach out to the relevant contact below. If you’re not sure who the best contact is, please email [email protected] and we’ll ensure your query is sent to the right person.

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Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT
[email protected]

Liz Hughes, Editor
[email protected]

Berenice Baker, Editor
[email protected]

Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor
[email protected]


AI Business welcomes article submissions and will consider them for publication as editorial content if the article:

  • is relevant and ideally addresses a specific idea, challenge or use case related to artificial intelligence. 

  • is exclusive to AI Business.

  • does not market a company’s products or services.

If we do accept the content for publication, we typically edit for style, clarity, grammar and length (up to 500 is ideal); send it back to you for review if substantial edits are made; and then, once finalized, apply search engine optimization best practices. We expect that you will fact-check your submission before sending it to us for review. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for unsolicited contributions. Please indicate the author of the piece and provide a biography and headshot, if available.

Please send submissions to editors Liz Hughes and Berenice Baker

Sponsored Content: If you are interested in contributing content as a paying sponsor that may market your company or its products/services, please contact a member of our advertising team below. Such content will be labeled “Sponsor Content” upon publication.


Kari Wilde, Head of Digital Sales
Email her or call 415-238-3064

Jacqueline King, Account Director

Email her or call 312-330-6243

Bhavik Parekh, Business Development Manager

Email him or call + 44 20 8052 2067

Ross Macintyre, Senior Marketing Manager
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