Tech TV - Austin

Can't join us at The AI Summit & IoT World Austin on November 2-3? Catch all the action via Tech TV.

Broadcasting exclusive interviews with speakers, fascinating product demos, and the Headliner Stage conference direct from Texas to ensure you don't miss out.

To watch Tech TV, you will need to register when prompted. Once registered, this page will reload and you will be able to choose from all sessions from IoT World & AI Summit Austin 2022 using the pop-out navigation that appears on the right of the video player.

(Missing it? Simply hover over the player to make it appear!).

And then following the show, we'll upload all the presentations, demos, and announcements from across the two days for you to access at any time.

This includes:

  • Garry Kasparov's reunion with IBM's Deep Blue 25 years after their historic chess match that put AI in the mainstream

  • Priya Krishnan, IBM's Director of Governance & Data Science Product on resolving the AI black box issue

  • Lessons learned from the cultural transformation journey of the University of Texas

  • JetBlue Airways CISO Tim Rohrbaugh on how the carrier is using AI to boost security