Deloitte unveils new AI microservices platform for business processes

Subscription-based AIOPS.D platform aims to reduce costs

Deborah Yao

March 1, 2022

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Subscription-based AIOPS.D platform aims to add insights, reduce costs

Deloitte unveiled a subscription-based microservices platform that uses AI to automate core business processes.

The consulting and advisory services firm is launching AIOPS.D, which it describes as an “AI-fueled, plug-and-play modular” microservices platform that automates enterprise functions such as procurement, finance and supply chain.

Deloitte said automating routine tasks frees employees to focus on higher value work.

AIOPS.D is built on Deloitte’s CortexAI cloud-agnostic platform that is informed by the company’s business expertise to provide AI business solutions. CortexAI is a multicloud service offering data analytics, intelligent automation and machine learning capabilities.

Deloitte said AIOPS.D can reduce business processing costs, add real-time insights for business by augmenting existing ERP systems with intelligent applications, among other benefits.

The company said microservices can be deployed in 90 or fewer days. The subscription nature of the offering means “minimal” upfront investments are needed as well as “outcome-based pricing,” according to Deloitte.

Businesses can scale when outcomes are proven, the company added.

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