How AI+human voice technology is fueling organizational transformation

Rev joined us at the AI Summit New York 2023 and were our official transcription partner of the event

January 4, 2024

The integration of AI and human expertise in voice technology is not just a trend; it’s transforming how organizations operate. In this session, we'll delve into real-world applications as shared by companies who are leading the transformation by:

  • Building generative AI solutions

  • Gaining actionable insights from voice data

  • Engaging global audiences with accessible content and more

Chair: Aron England, Chief Product & Technology Officer - REV


Zohar Dayan, SVP of Product - Vimeo

Tamara Zubatiy, CEO & Co-Founder - Barometer

Caleb Rottman, Senior Data Scientist & Technical Lead - HireVue

Nikita Roy, Host - Newsroom Robots

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